Dying Light collectibles location guide

Dying Light features as set of 67 collectible items to track down across the city of Harran, split into three different types. Notes shed light on the game worlds’ inhabitants, whether they’re still around or have since passed, and there are 34 such Notes scattered throughout the Slums and Old Town maps. Many of them are conveniently placed on the spot one should find notes, namely on desks.

Unlike the other collectible documents in Dying Light, the Battle Journals were all written by one person. This young man’s journals chronicle his experiences as a survivor, often bestowing useful information that you can learn from. There are 13 Battle Journals in the Slums and 4 in Old Town.

Grouped with the Notes and Battle Journals, the Voice Mail recordings round out the main collectibles of Dying Light. Unsurprisingly, these audio logs add insight to the lives of those affected by the disaster in Harran. This is also the only collectables category that is exclusive to Old Town, so you won’t be able to start finding these during the game’s first few hours.

Read on for the locations of all these collectibles, so you can earn the It's All In the Writing Trophy or Achievement.

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