Dying Light collectibles location guide

Slums: Battle Journals #00-09 

Battle Journal #00

Second Floor at Headquarters
Simply go to the Quartermaster and look at the shelves in your immediate left.

Battle Journal #01

Safehouse North of Headquarters
Continue along the First Assignment mission. When you secure the first safehouse, look for the journal near the stash bag.

Battle Journal #02

Village at the Centre of the Map
Look for the dead relief worker near the airdrop package during the Airdrop mission.

Battle Journal #03

East Village
Make progress in the extortion missions in Pact with Rais. When you reach the village (the second extortion stop), look for the patio chair on the rooftop of the two story building.

Battle Journal #04

Battle Journal #05

Battle Journal #06

Power Station at the West Antenna
Enter the power station during the Pact with Rais mission.

Battle Journal #07

North Shack
Travel up north until you reach a shack next to a large creek. To have a better sense of direction, run to this location during the Gas Mask Man side mission. The battle journal is not in the shack but rather in the trunk of the car nearby.

Battle Journal #08

Two Story Building West of the Train Tracks
Run north from Headquarters until you pass the major highway. The building will be west of the train station.

Battle Journal #09

Bus Depot
Run to the northwest corner of the map and you should come across the bus depot. Regardless which side you enter the station, the battle journal will be on a bench in the main room.

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