Dust the coppers

We got a new video (click the Movies tab above) of some of the beefed up high-speed chases in the 360 version of EA's 1940s themed mob-sim The Godfather. We also acquired a few new screens to round out the package, so while the video is buffering, why not check 'em out by hitting the Images tab above.

Creative director Michael Perry had some details for us about the new police chase upgrades in the new 360 version:

"If you push your heat too far in a neighborhood, you'll likely start a police chase. The Xbox 360 allowed us to add smarter AI to the cop cars. Now, in addition to chasing you from behind, cop cars will try to guess your turns and attempt to cut you off from a side street. Other cop cars will hear the chase call from across town, and attempt to ram you head on. And that's, of course, if you can make it past the new roadblocks the cops will set up. Oh, did I mention that cops in cars now carry shotguns?"

Cops with shotguns cutting us off on the road? Profoundly lame in real life, but it sounds like a hoot in the digital video game realm. You can be sure we'll be biting at EA's heels until they cough up a playable version for us to play... at least until it hits the stores in the fall.

August 31, 2006