Dreams Impy Awards return for the second year in February 2021

(Image credit: Media Molecule)

For the second year in a row, the Impy Awards are being held to celebrate the community creations in Media Molecule's Dreams.

The Impy Awards will take place next year on February 14, 2021, and voting is open for a ton of different categories concerning Dreams creations. Follow this link to get started voting for your favorite community creations before the ballots for the second annual Impy Awards close next week on December 4.

There's a grand total of 19 awards to hand out at the Impy Awards in February. Included within the multitude of categories are Best Curator, Best Art Direction, Best Sculpture, and Best Animator, as well as broader categories like Creation of the Year, Creator of the Year, and Best Innovator. If you're wondering what the Impy Awards actually consist of, you can check out a complete recap of the first awards ceremony from 2019 just below.

There's also a reward focused on the single best VR level in Dreams. VR support was only added for Media Molecule's game earlier this year in July, and enables players to use their PlayStation VR headset to play levels in Dreams.

Perhaps one level that could be in the running for a reward in February is The Mandalorian: Conviction. If you've ever wondered what a game about The Mandalorian would look like, incorporating stealth-based gameplay elements from Splinter Cell, then this Dreams creation has all your questions answered.

Speaking of the Disney Plus show, for a complete look at the remainder of the current season's episodes, head over to our Mandalorian Season 2 release schedule guide for more.

Hirun Cryer

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