The best Dreams levels you can play right now

best Dreams levels
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The best Dreams levels can leave you lost in a sea of seemingly endless user-generated content. The sheer amount of creativity on offer  is absolutely staggering -  everything from fully games, music videos, art pieces, and painstakingly faithful  recreations. Whether you’re an avid level designer looking for that next wave of inspiration or humble couch surfer looking to play the next big hit, you’ll find plenty of fan-made creations to enjoy.

Dreams offers plenty of features for players to unleash their inner architect and fans from around the world have been busy building some brilliantly unique creations – in fact, there are so many great Dreams levels that knowing which ones to check out can be rather difficult. Fortunately, we’ve waded through this sea of content and hauled out 10 of the very best Dreams levels.

All the featured courses in our guide can be played by searching for the level name in Dreams.

1. An actual playable Fallout game

Level name: Fallout 4: Dreams Edition (WIP)

Fans of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic Fallout series will be able to explore post-nuclear Boston, while fighting off the game’s iconic sentry bots and mirelurks. Fortunately, there are a number of classic Fallout weapons that you can defend yourself with, so be prepared to crush your foes with your mighty hammer and deadly submachine gun. To make things even better, players have access to the game’s Pip-Boy which can be used to check your current status, switch weapons, take stimpaks, and select quests. Even the classic Fallout theme plays during the title screen, while the Pip-Boy’s crackling sound effect flickers into life as you cycle through each menu. The attention to detail is truly astonishing and we can’t wait to see what content is added in the future. 

2. A musical wonder influenced by Journey

Level name: The Missing Constellation

If you’re a fan of Thatgamecompany’s Journey and Flower, then you’ll definitely want to check out this level. Creator Gauffreman and fellow musician Piano Novel teamed up in order to make this stunningly beautiful level. Thessing Constellation sees players take on the role of a masked musician (Piano Novel) who must travel across the vast uninhabited land in order to restore energy to the mysterious constellations scattered about the level. To do this, you’ll need to track down each constellation and use Piano Novel’s keyboard to revive each celestial pattern. The Missing Constellation is a truly beautiful experience and one you need to witness for yourself, so we won’t say anymore!

3. Stardew Valley in 3d!

Level name: Stardew Valley: Pelican Town

Streamer Tooshi has faithfully recreated Stardew Valley’s Pelican Town in Dreams, giving this sleepy setting a 3D facelift. Everything from Stardrop Saloon, Jojamart, and the town’s various houses have been lovingly remade. Walking around ConcernedApe’s beloved farming simulator in 3D is a little surreal at first, but this new perspective allows you to gain a unique look into Stardew Valley’s idyllic town like never before. While you can’t venture into any of the buildings, we still think this level is worth a wander around. 

4. Oh God, another chance to play PT

Level name: P.T. (1.04) 

Fans of Kojima’s cancelled first-person psychological horror game, P.T. can finally relive the brilliantly terrifying demo once again. While Konami officially removed P.T. from the PlayStation Store back in 2015, that hasn’t stopped lewisc729 from recreating the entire demo in Dreams. Everything from the dimly lit looping hallways, radio report on the grisly familicide, swinging light, unstable apparition of Lisa, and the grotesque sink fetus all make an appearance. While this version may not look as visually impressive as the one showcased on the Fox Engine, it does a great job recreating the disturbing atmosphere of the original. Who needs sleep anyway?

5. A Seinfeld horror game (yes, really)

Level name: Sinfeld Chronicles

This exceedingly clever, and awfully bizarre Dreams creation sees you take on the role of Jerry Seinfeld's nephew. As you explore the impressively-accurate interior of Jerry's famous apartment and the outer New York neighborhood, you uncover all sorts of easter eggs to the classic 90s sitcom. Some references, like the pestering red glow of the chicken restaurant sign beaming into Kramer's apartment, are used to effectively create an atmosphere of dread. It's like the PT/Seinfeld hybrid we never could've seen coming.

5. An adorable Toad's Treasure Tracker wannabe

Level name: Pip Gemwalker

Pip Gemwalker is a colourful puzzle game that requires you to find the gems hidden in each level – much like the gameplay seen in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. During your playthrough, you’ll be tasked with jumping over ledges, avoiding deadly pools of lava, throwing tree stumps at switches, and even using a trusty companion to obtain each level’s hidden gems. There are currently only seven levels available to play, but creator ManChickenTurtle has set the foundation for what could be a fantastic puzzle series in Dreams. 

6. This incredible, must play action platformer 

Level name: The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim isn’t just an impressive feat in level design, it also perfectly demonstrates just how robust Dreams’ game creation system is. Narvikgutten and Majoneskongen’s The Pilgrim blends both 3D action platforming, classic side-scrolling, and top-down shooting in order to create a wholly unique experience. One minute you’ll be clambering up a sombre spiralling tower, trying your best not to fall into the abyss below, while the next moment you’ll be blasting waves of flesh-eating bugs to heavy rock music. There’s a little something for everyone in this fantastical medley. 

7. This relaxing explore-em-up

Level name: The Watergardens

The Watergardens is a light puzzle adventure that focuses on immersing players with its tranquil scenery and relaxing ambient sounds. Throughout the game, you’ll be tasked with operating levers to release platforms, utilising expanding cubes to reach inaccessible areas, and collecting cones that impact previously visited areas. Hopping between each island in search of the next puzzle is an absolute delight and even if you don’t like Dreams’ puzzle-solving courses, you can still appreciate the sheer amount of creativity that has gone into making this incredible game. We can’t wait to see what creator HalfUp dreams up next. 

8. THE Dreams sci-fi shooter

Level name: Prometheus - FPS demo

If hunting deadly aliens to a sci-fi synthwave track sounds like fun, then you’ll want to add rothniel’s Prometheus FPS demo to your playlist. The premise of this game is simple. Kill all the aliens in order to reach the portal at the end of the level. Of course, this is a lot easier said than done. Throughout your journey, alien lifeforms will constantly try to ambush and overwhelm you, so you’ll need to keep your cool if you wish to make it off this inhospitable planet alive. Fortunately, our space ranger is prepared for such a case and you can effortlessly switch between pistol, submachine gun and shotgun when blasting your way through the alien infested environment. Prometheus FPS demo won’t be for everyone, but if you’re up for some FPS action and want to scratch that sci-fi itch, then this game will do exactly that.

9. F-Zero meets Wipeout in Dreams

Level name: FARR League: Testing Track 3.0

Dreams creator Syntronic pays homage to F-Zero and Wipeout in his futuristic racing game, FARR League: Testing Track 3.0. FARR League not only has plenty of awesome crafts to choose from, it also manages to capture the scintillating speed and high-octane action of the anti-gravity racing games it seeks to emulate. However, the most impressive thing about this game is the addition of AI opponents. These computer-controlled racers certainly gave us a run for our money and made taking first place all the more satisfying. Don’t be put off by the baron looking track as it’s currently only there for testing purposes, but we’ll likely see plenty of improvements in the near future. 

10. An impressive time (controlling platformer)

Level: Splatty's Adventure v0.5.15 (Early Access)

Splatty’s Adventure is one of the most impressive games you can play right now in Dreams. Everything from the character’s attack animations, movement and abilities are just so crisp when compared to other in-game platformers currently available. Splatty can effortlessly run along walls, dash between platforms, attack enemies with his paintbrush, and even slow down and rewind time. Every level requires use of Splatty’s abilities in order to reach the end goal – an area that is often overlooked in a lot of user-generated games. There’s a lot of great stuff in here and we suggest playing this game if you want to see just how ambitious you can get in Dreams. 

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