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Did you spot the Star Wars/Back to the Future easter egg in Doctor Who?

We hope you're sitting down because you're about to witness the most bizarre easter egg discovered in a recent episode of Doctor Who.

During the climactic and rather emotional Face of the Raven, one eagle-eyed fan (opens in new tab) spotted a nod to both Star Wars and Back to the Future. Insane, we know! The moment was seen in the background during a scene of dialogue. The language written on a tall box is from the Star Wars universe and known as Aurebesh.

To the untrained eye, the hieroglyphic-like symbols would mean absolutely nothing, but to someone versed in space language, it'd be hugely significant. When translated into English the word bizarrely reads 'DeLorean'. That's right Back to the Future fans!

The show's creators haven't actually come out and held their hands up to the easter egg, but it's obvious that they are both Star Wars and BTTF admirers (who isn't?).

Doctor Who spoilers to follow...

It'd be easy to miss such a small detail in an emotionally-taut episode (opens in new tab), which saw companion Clara Oswald (played by Jenna Coleman) killed off, forcing every telly fan to reach for the tissues. At least this geek nod put a smile on our face...

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Mike Williams
Mike Williams
Mike scribbles at MTV, Yahoo Movies, BuzzFeed, GoThinkBig and Live for Films. As a huge animation and sci-fi fan, his favourite movies include Spirited Away and District 9.