Diablo 4 Sorcerers can't catch a break - now their new Unique is making some players nauseous

Diablo 4 female Sorcerer Blizzard image
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Diablo 4's new Sorcerer Unique item is very bright and flashy, and not the most comfortable thing to watch in action.

Blizzard unleashed Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.0 this week and with it came six new Unique items. The Sorcerer's new Unique is a wand called The Oculus, and it has a teleport enchantment that strengthens the ability but also whisks players off to random locations when used. Losing control in this way might be frustrating, but in a game like Diablo 4 where you're almost always surrounded by a bunch of enemies attacking you all at once from every direction, rapid movement might also come in handy. The problem is, the visual effect the fast teleport creates is making some players, myself included, a little nauseous.

This should go without saying, but it's probably best to practice caution if you are prone to any sort of sickness due to rapidly flashing lights.

This is what the new Sorc unique gameplay looks like (Flash Warning!) from r/diablo4

"You complained about stuttering and rubberbanding, so they made it into a unique," joked a Reddit user reacting to the above video.

"This actually looks like a nightmare to me," reads another reply.

Other folks are worried the visuals and animation may trigger epileptic seizures in those suffering from the condition, but without guidance from a neurologist or reports from someone with epilepsy, there's no hard evidence to suggest the weapon could actually cause seizures. 

That said, one commenter noted that they "have a history of Meniere's disease and am sensitive to vertigo triggers and I had to turn this off after a few seconds because I started to feel dizzy."

"I've never been diagnosed with that but I definitely got a little nausea twinge watching," reads another comment. Anecdotally, a coworker prone to vertigo watched the clip above and also reckoned this kind of effect would become a problem for them after a while. 

Sorcerers in Diablo 4 are having a rough go of it for more reasons than one, as the big season 1 patch dealt the already weak class a bunch of devastating nerfs. Oh, and apparently there's a small chance the new wand will glitch you into an area outside the playable map and get you killed or stranded. 

Here's our complete guide to Diablo 4 Unique items in case you're on the hunt for the best gear your class has to offer.

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