Diablo 4 gameplay trailer shows every class absolutely slaying to... Billie Eilish?

Diablo 4 has debuted a new 'gameplay launch trailer' and it shows all of the classes kicking some demon ass to a vaguely applicable Billie Eilish track.

I'm putting 'gameplay launch trailer' in quotes because the Diablo 4 early access release is still two weeks away on June 2 - you know, just so we're not setting anyone up for disappointment here. 

Anyway, the new gameplay is textbook launch hype, featuring a brief cinematic with Diablo 4's main antagonist, Lilith, who appears to enter the gates to Sanctuary before the beat drops and everything kicks into action. The music threw me off a little, not because there's anything wrong with Billie Eilish - I am far too out of touch with modern artists to make a judgment on that - but because I'm so used to hearing sparsely arranged atmospheric tracks in Diablo more so than radio-friendly songs from today's hitmakers. But I digress.

The trailer shows a Diablo 4 barbarian Sparta kick a goon from a ledge, a rogue pelting hordes of demons with arrows, a druid – you guessed it – turning into a bear to wreak havoc on its foes, and all of the other classes revealed so far just doing their thing in the name of demon-slaying. We also get to see some brief glimpses of boss fights, including with the Blood Bishop and Treasure Beast, and while we do get a tiny peek at what could be the lead-up to the battle with Lilith, we don't actually see the Queen of the Succubi throw hands.

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Jordan Gerblick

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