Diablo 4 fans help voice actor find his own character: "I literally killed you last night"

Diablo 4 Druid build
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A Diablo 4 voice actor called on fans of the game to help find the character he voices, and they very quickly delivered.

Over on the Diablo 4 subreddit, voice actor Tony Rescigno explained that he voiced a "fairly small role" in Blizzard's new sequel and that he had been having trouble finding his character. That might sound odd, but this kind of siloed-off recording isn't uncommon in games. I mean, the VA behind Lady Dimitrescu didn't know she'd be in a Resident Evil game until after she was cast. 

"If you've encountered any 'Barbarian spirits' who attack the player while yelling things like, 'The forces of hell approach,' 'We will never fall to the Prime Evils,' or 'Bul'Kathos grant me strength,' I would really appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of where they're at!" reads the call to action.

Very quickly, as in within an hour of the post being shared, several commenters were pointing the actor toward their big scene, which apparently takes place somewhere around in the middle of Act 3. 

The voice actor says he was asked to portray "spirits of dead barbarians mistaking the player for servants of the Prime Evils. Supposedly the player has to kill the spirits to obtain the 'Blessing of the Prime Evils.' My Diablo 4 lore knowledge is pretty mediocre so any pointers as to where I might find me would be helpful as well."

Not only did the Diablo 4 community come in clutch finding the voice actor's character, they also had encouraging words for his performance. "You nailed those lines. Felt the emotion in even the short bit. Sounded AAA to me," reads one comment.

"Just got through this part and I agree, the voice acting on the three barbs was excellent," echoes another. "Not a lot of lines, but distinguished from the usual fodder."

"I literally just killed you last night! Awesome!" one Redditor says, perhaps a little too enthusiastically.

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