Lady Dimitrescu actor didn't know she'd be in Resident Evil Village until after she was cast

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Actress Maggie Robertson, now widely known as the voice and personality behind Resident Evil Village's beloved Lady Dimitrescu, didn't even know she'd be working on a Resident Evil game until after she got the role. 

In a new interview with Vice, Robertson explained that she was initially interested in the part of Lady Dimitrescu because she liked the character and, crucially, because she was tall enough for the gig. She found and applied for the role on her own, and was soon called in for an initial audition. 

"[It] felt like a theater audition," Robertson says of the first step in the process. "I was like, 'Oh, great, this feels like home. I know what I'm doing. That was really fun. Yay!' And then I left."

I'll spoil it for you now: things went well and Capcom called Robertson back for a second audition. A few months later, she got another call confirming that she'd landed the role. However, at this point, she still didn't know what that role was actually for. She knew it was a game, but exactly what game it was hadn't come up. 

It wasn't until she received the script at the project's first table read that she was able to piece together the fact she'd be acting in the next Resident Evil – a series with such reach and recognition that even Robertson, who was never majorly into games or their communities before becoming immersed in Resident Evil Village and the Lady Dimitrescu fandom, immediately recognized it. 

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It's by no means uncommon for actors to receive important context relatively late in the game, especially in the inexplicably secretive games industry, but Lady Dimitrescu as we know her wouldn't exist without Robertson, so it's wild to think that she just sort of fell into Resident Evil in the process of auditioning. Perhaps that's the character's magnetic properties at work; Lady Dimitrescu is so unignorable that she alone was more than enough to draw Robertson in.

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