Resident Evil Village crystal fragments, treasure locations, and how to get more money

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments
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Resident Evil Village crystal fragments and Treasures are the best way to make money fast. Being able to find them is will help you get rich quick and that's a big deal if you want to buy all the weapons and upgrades sold by The Duke, the local merchant. He sells all sort of useful gear but he isn't cheap. And while you can find cash generally throughout the game, crystal fragments and Treasures are the best way to bring in the big money you need to fully kit out the best gear.

Which mean that if you're looking for how to get as much in-game money,m called Lei, as possible, we can help you literally get rich quick. So here's how you can find the most valuable Resident Evil Village treasures and early crystal fragment locations to get a nice amount of  money.

How to make money in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments

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There are several ways to earn Lei in Resident Evil Village. The most obvious one is by picking up small bags of money from barrels or enemy drops. Even better than these coin pouches, are the crystal skulls and other types of crystal loot drops. They won’t drop as frequently, but they’re worth far more Lei when you sell them to the Duke.

Besides that, you can keep an eye out for little sparkles. If you see one of these small, flickering white lights, you can bet there’s a crystal fragment or other type of gem there. These crystals are usually out of reach (think of walls, statues, ceilings), but they will fall down once you shoot them.

Finally, there’s the option of collecting Resident Evil’s many treasures. You can often find them in ornate chests, in locked rooms, or just waiting for you in plain sight. Beware that some of these treasures are combinable. Hover over them before selling to see if there’s a missing part. If they can be combined, find the other part(s) first to make sure you get the best price possible!

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments locations to earn fast cash

You can find Resident Evil Village crystal fragments right after entering the village. Every crystal fragment can be exchanged for 2000 Lei at the Duke’s shop, so this is well worth your while. Take a look at these maps to see where you can find Resident Evil Village crystal fragments almost as soon as you get started: 

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments, main Village

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  • Crystal Fragment 1: The Maiden of War statue on the Village’s main square. The crystal fragment is behind her shield.
  • Crystal Fragment 2: Inside the church. See the collection of pictures on the wooden ceiling in front of the altar? The middle one contains a crystal fragment.

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments locations in Castle Dimitrescu

There’s also a bunch of  Resident Evil Village crystal fragments throughout Castle Dimitrescu that will help you out if you can find them all. You can find nine in total as you progress through the castle which will leave you 18, 000 Lei richer, and help fund your monster fighting Euro tour. Here's where to find them all:

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments locations, Castle Dimitrescu 1F

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  • Crystal Fragment 1: In the room east of the Entrance Hall. Turn your back to the elevator and look up; you’ll see the crystal high above you on the wall.
  • Crystal Fragment 2: When walking from Lady Dimitrescu’s Bedchamber to the Hall of the Four, you’ll see a glass cupboard at the end of the narrow hallway (on your left). Smash the glass with your knife to grab the crystal fragment.
  • Crystal Fragment 3: On the north side of the Dining Room, right in the middle of the circle on the ceiling.

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments locations, Castle Dimitrescu 2F

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  • Crystal Fragment 1: Just above the portrait of the nobleman.
  • Crystal Fragment 2: In the Hall of Pleasures. It’s on the ceiling, at the center of the stone ornament.
  • Crystal Fragment 3: Second floor of the Opera Hall, the southern part. Upon entering, you can see the crystal on the ceiling above a small table.

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments locations, Castle Dimitrescu B1

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  • Crystal Fragment 1: On the ceiling in the passageway between the Tasting Room and the Hall of War. 
  • Crystal Fragment 2: In the Special Chambers. You can get it by using the Iron Insignia Key when you have it and blowing up the left wall of the room (with a pipe bomb). The crystal is lying on a wooden box.

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments locations, Castle Dimitrescu RF

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments

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Finally, there’s a crystal fragment to be found on Castle Dimitrescu’s roof:

  • Crystal Fragment 1: On the Castle’s roof. Look at the east side of the tower; it’s just above the window.

Where to find Resident Evil Village treasures

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments

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The Village and Castle Dimitrescu are home to lots of hidden Resident Evil Village treasures. Again, finding them sooner rather than later can help you a lot. If you don’t want to miss them, make sure you check whether a room is red or blue on the map before you leave. If it’s red, there may still be some valuables inside. Best to have another look!

To help you on your way, here are some of the easiest and most valuable treasures to get in Castle Dimitrescu right at the start of the game:

  • Before you leave Lady Dimitrescu’s Bedchamber, be sure to grab that beautiful Crimson Glass from her bedside table. This is one of the easiest treasures to get, and it fetches no less than 3500 Lei.
  • Ingrid’s Necklace. Remember how to set the undead on fire in the Hall of War? One of them will drop Ingrid’s Necklace. Priced at 2000 Lei, this is not the most valuable treasure in Castle Dimitrescu, but it’s relatively easy to get.
  • The Crimson Skull. This item can be sold for 8000 Lei, and what’s more: it’s located right next to the Duke in the Merchant’s Room. You need to get the Flower Swords Ball in the northwestern corner of the Opera Hall first, and then complete the labyrinth in the Merchant’s Room to receive it.
  • There's a combinable treasure that is worth 12,000 Lei if you find both parts. You'll find a Silver Ring in a cabinet inside the Hall of Pleasures, when you're tracking down masks, that has a slot for something to be added. Once you receive the Iron Insignia Key you can unlock the treasure you need inside the Special Chamber in the northeastern corner of the castle B1 level. Blow a hole in the wall to expose the torch and light all the fires to gain access to the tomb and receive the Azure Eye. Combine it with the Silver Ring and sell it for that big pay out.

Kill more enemies at the start to get crystal skulls and other loot you can sell for cash

Resident Evil Village crystal fragments

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Early on in the game combat might seem scary, but all the minor enemies you fight have a chance to drop a crystal skull in their remains. They're not the most valuable things you can pick up but are easy to accumulate and quickly add cash to your reserves. These are some of the best places to get valuable crystal loot drops early on in Resident Evil Village:

  • During the first major lycan attack in the Village. Although this might go a bit against your survival instinct, try to kill as many of them as you can. 
  • Kill all the undead in the Chamber of Solace in the Castle (basement 1). Again, you may not feel entirely comfortable doing this, especially as there are a great many of them. However, on your way in, you will come across a puzzle involving a fire (Hall of War). When the undead start chasing you, just walk all the way back and watch on as they burn. Now you just need to pick up the loot!
  • Defeating Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters. You have to face them anyway but as their drops are very valuable and easy to get early in the game though, they deserve a spot on this list. Sell their crystal torsos at the Duke’s for a high amount of Lei.

With three crystal torsos and a bunch of crystal skulls in your bag, you should have around 20,000 Lei worth of loot. Time to plunder that castle!

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