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How big is the Resident Evil Village map and what's in it?

Coming up we're going to take a look at the full Resident Evil Village map, so obviously: spoiler warning. This is the entire in-game Resident Evil Village map so locations, places and general layout could be a spoiler depending on your threshold for that sort of thing. So here's a big ol' picture of Lady Dimitrescu to make sure you can actually see anything unless you consciously decide to scroll down of your own freewill.


Resident Evil Village

(Image credit: Capcom)

How big is the Resident Evil Village map and what's in the in-game map? 

(Image credit: Capcom)

This is the full Resident Evil village map with every area uncovered. You can click on it to see things better as it's quite a large area to cover. In terms of a general walkthrough of what you can see, the big cluster of blue buildings in the center is the village itself. If you can find the Maiden of War roughly in middle, that's the statue you see at the start of the gameplay demo, and you should see Luiza's House to the right - from the statue to Luiza's is roughly the entire playable space of the demo. 

The big emblems you can see are the four lords, the villains of the game - Lady Dimitrescu top middle in her castle, House Beneviento to the left and Heisenberg's Stronghold is top right. At the bottom is Moreu's Reservoir. These all function as discrete areas you enter at certain points in the game to face each boss in turn. Outside of those moments you're more or less free to explore the map at will. As you complete certain objectives, find keys and other tools to open doors and progress further, the playable area will expand. Everything you see on the map can be reached eventually. The various blue lines you can see dotted around are actually doors and gates you'll need to unlock first (areas on the map are blue when fully explored or complete. If anything is red then there's something to still find or do). 

You should also be able to see, if you zoom in, a few collectibles scattered around. The animals you can see represent beasts you can hunt for meat that can be used to cook recipes to upgrade abilities like health and blocking. While the gold boxes represent treasures and weapon upgrades. The black square with what looks like a skull in it is actually a typewriter save point, the black diamond with a cross shape in represents the merchant, and the barrels under a frame are wells you can use to get resources. 

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