Diablo 4 devs hear your pleas for more inventory space

Diablo 4
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Diablo 4's devs hear player complaints about the lack of storage space, and it's something they're working to improve right now.

As first reported by PCGamesN, last week saw a big Diablo 4 developer livestream, where it was unveiled exactly when Diablo 4 Season 1 would begin. Elsewhere, associate game director Joe Piepiora was quizzed by a viewer on the lack of stash space for players, and the senior developer had reassuring news to share.

"We definitely hear everybody about this. We are talking a lot about what we need to do with this – we’ve got good plans of things we can do to improve the situation," Piepiora said in response to the query. "I know it's frustrating to hear me say, but the reality is that we're moving really, really quickly on this and we’re trying to provide more space in the future, we're figuring out how we’re going to get that accomplished."

Piepiora further added that he and the rest of the Diablo 4 dev team would rather fix something by getting it right the first time round, rather than rushing the whole thing. "We have some heroic engineers who can turn stuff around very quickly, but we also have some heroic QA teams around the world," added general manager Rod Fergusson, stressing that changes take time.

To Blizzard's credit, it's already addressed the lack of storage space with indirect changes to Diablo 4, like moving Gems to the 'Materials' tab of the player's inventory. This was something the player base had been clamoring for since Diablo 4 first launched just over a month ago, and Blizzard was hot on the case with moving Gems to free up more inventory space.

With Blizzard's stress on getting it right rather than rushing something out, we'll likely be waiting beyond July 20, when Season of the Malignant launches, for the solution. I can imagine Diablo 4 players will have lots on their hands to busy themselves while they wait for Blizzard's fix, though.

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