Diablo 4 developers break down "the darkest story we've ever told" ahead of June launch

A new Diablo 4 video has given a breakdown of what Blizzard says is its darkest story ever ahead of the action-RPG sequel's June launch.

Even if you've played any or all of the recent Diablo 4 betas, you'd be forgiven for not really knowing just what the heck is going on story-wise. Particularly when you're under a time constraint to get certain Diablo 4 beta rewards before the beta ends, it's understandable if you prefer to rush through the story parts. Thankfully, Blizzard's latest in a seemingly unending series of Diablo 4 videos is a story explainer, and it's worth a watch if only to give yourself some context for all of the hacking and slashing you'll soon be doing.

Per the video, Diablo 4 picks up 50 years after the events of Diablo 3 and takes place in Sanctuary, a world created by the demon Lilith and the angel Inarius. The unlikely duo team up after becoming disillusioned by the pointless and never-ending war between angels and demons, but their partnership in crime is fractured multiple times due to their conflicting ideologies. Inarius ends up banishing Lilith into a dark prison, but she's pulled back into Sanctuary by a mysterious figure. Meanwhile, Inarius is punished by the heavens for teaming up with a literal demon, and thus is handed over to the burning hells in a peace offering.

It's unclear how Inarius makes his way back to Sanctuary, but once he does, his conflict with Lilith becomes the narrative backdrop of Diablo 4. "It is them fighting each other, with humanity as their battleground," says associate writer Eden Trujillo.

As for the player character and what role you play in all of this, that's up to you decide. At the start of the game, the only narrative structure bound to your character is that you're a wanderer looking for shelter. Otherwise, your backstory is entirely up to your imagination.

The full video digs deeper into Diablo 4's story and the backgrounds of some of the major characters, but the crux of the plot involves the complex relationship between Inarius and Lilith, which game director Joe Shelly calls "the darkest story we've ever told."

In case you missed it, Blizzard recently confirmed Diablo 4's worst class will be better at launch.

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