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Destruction AllStars gets a price drop but you can still get it free before then

Destruction AllStars
(Image credit: SIE)

Destruction AllStars has dropped its planned price from $69.99 to $19.99, assuming you haven't already claimed it as a free PS Plus game.

Developer Lucid Games announced the price change on the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab), framing it as a natural extension of the game's evolution; it was originally going to be released as a standalone PS5 launch game, but was then delayed to launch as a free bonus for PS Plus subscribers. It sounds like a physical release for Destruction AllStars isn't planned, at least for the time being.

Sometimes it makes sense to purchase a game outright rather than grabbing it on PS Plus, especially if you plan on letting your subscription lapse (you can only play PS Plus games while you have an active membership, even if you already have them downloaded to your console). But since Destruction AllStars is a multiplayer-focused game, and you need a PS Plus subscription to play online multiplayer, there's little downside to accessing it through your subscription instead.

Along with announcing the final price for Destruction AllStars, Lucid revealed some of its plans for the next few months: Mayhem 8v8 will go live next week, while Bluefang's Challenge Series and 10 new skins will arrive by the end of March. April will bring in a new Carnado Solo featured playlist and some new double XP weekends, along with "a few more surprises."

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