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Destiny 2 Class Guide - should you pick Titan, Hunter or Warlock?

Destiny 2 Titan Class Guide

Titans are armour specialists who are tough and hard-hitting, which makes them a good bet for close-quarters combat. Their jump ability, Lift, launches them straight up into the air, which can be very useful for evading enemies when surrounded or following up with an area of effect attack directly below while still airborne. As they're probably the toughest of all three classes, they're probably the best bet for solo Guardians expecting to take on swarths of enemies alone.

In Destiny 2, Titans have three different sub-classes that make this tank feel very unique. 

All the Titan subclasses feature the same Class Ability options, which are as follows:

Class Abilities: Towering Barricade or Rally Barricade

At level 7 you can unlock one of two Titan Class Abilities; Towering Barricade and Rally Barricade. The former creates a large barrier when you crouch to protect you from enemy fire, while the Rally Barricade creates smaller barriers that enable you and your fireteam to peek over and shoot. It even reloads your weapon when you're taking cover behind it. 


This is the brand new subclass for the Titan and it's a formidable damage dealer that offers a fantastic mix of barriers called Overshields and status effects. You will automatically unlock this subclass when you complete the Spark mission in the Campaign.

Super Ability: Sentinel Shield

The Sentinel's Super Ability is the "Captain America" of Destiny 2 because it gives you a hulking great shield that can be used in a variety of different ways, whether defensively or offensively. 

Perform a Shield Throw using the grenade button to toss the shield ahead of you and attempt to hit multiple targets with its ricochet. Alternatively, down your sights to use the shield to deflect attacks too, and any effective blocks have the added bonuses of creating Orbs of Light.


The Striker uses Arc damage to blast groups of enemies and is the best if you're aggressive in your playstyle. It's also great if you're planning to use mobility- based armour because it's surprisingly nippy on the battlefield. 

You can unlock this subclass after you've collected the required artifact and completed the following mission.

Super Ability: Fists of Havoc

Fists of Havoc has two distinct melee attack options. The first sees you lunge at the ground and deal heavy damage to multiple enemies, but it consumes a chuck of your Super energy. The latter is a Shoulder Charge unleashed by hitting the melee button. It deals heavy damage to a single enemy, but uses much less energy - good to know if you're fighting strategically.


The Sunbreaker is great if you're looking for a good variety of attack types, with a mix of long-range attacks, splash damage and burn attacks, so unlike the other options, you're not limited to close-quarters combat here. 

Like the Striker, the Sunbreaker only unlocks when you collect the required artifact and run through the ensuing mission.

Super Ability: Hammer of Sol

The Hammer of Sol is pretty much exactly what you're imagining it is. It summons a flaming hammer that you can use to fling fiery projectiles at your enemies. Yes, these use a good chunk of energy, but these balls deal some serious damage.

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