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With Titan conquered and your Guardian reunited with Zavala by the end of Utopia, it’s time to go on the hunt for the rest of the Commander’s fireteam, starting with Cayde-6. 

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Destiny 2 - Nessus: Looped

Level Recommendation: Level 7, Power Rating 80

Head to Nessus and Looped will begin almost immediately. Follow your marker towards a crashed ship and interact with the damaged AI bot, who will tell you where you might be able to find its master; Cayde-6. 

Follow the signal to a large hole leading into the Hallows, and drop down into it. Not far beyond here will be a large circular structure, where Cayde-6 can be found floating mysteriously in mid-air. 

Talk to him, and he’ll say a few words before disappearing, after which a large number of Vex enemies - including Goblins and Minotaurs - will show up and inevitably start shooting at you. 

Now’s a great time to use your Super, heavy weapons or grenades if you have them, as there are a lot of Vex to get through. Use cover as best you can, too, as the Vex can quickly overwhelm in their ability to push forward aggressively as a unit. 

After that, the waypoint will guide you towards a sunkern cavern, whereby some light platforming is required to make it to a nearby plateau populated by more Vex, this time with Hobgoblins thrown into the mix. These foes can deploy shields and heal themselves at frequent intervals, so time your strikes correctly to take them down effectively. 

Following the fight, you’ll need to descend to a lower platform until you see a large triangular doorway. Head through that and platform down towards the large teleport/door. 

Once through the teleport, you’ll find yourself in another cavern with Cayde-6 found just up ahead. Once you reach him, however, a boss called Hapax, The Convergent Mind will make himself visible, and you’ll have to get through him before you can talk to Cayde. 

Hapax can teleport around the large arena easily and frequently, so keep moving to ensure you don’t find him suddenly behind you, guns blazing. The three shields rotating around Hapax are impervious to damage, which necessitates timing your shots precisely to hit him in between the gaps. For increased effectiveness, aim for his central eye whenever possible. 

There’ll be Vex enemies peppered around the place, too, and using your Super to quickly cut through them would be a smart use of your resources. That said, once you’ve killed Hapax, these enemies will all be instantly killed alongside him, so don’t waste too much of your time or effort on them.

With Hapax dead, Cayde can finally get a word in with you and your Ghost, duly ending the mission and setting the stage for the next chapter on Nessus, otherwise known as Six!

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