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It's time. It's time to put an end to Uldren's madness and avenge Cayde-6 once and for all. The last quest, The Machinist, is finished, and you can now speak to Petra and Spider to begin Nothing Left to Say in earnest. 

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Destiny 2: Forsaken - Tangled Shore: Nothing Left to Say

First off, you'll need to reach the Watchtower. Though the path ahead lies awash with Scorn, Spider's Fallen troops will be fighting amongst the battlefield to help lighten the load. You can even just run on through the entire warzone if you're in a hurry, though watch out for the explosive artillery coming in from above, and be warned: there are lots of Scorn, so it's not a terribly easy path to walk. 

A safer approach to slowly take out the Raiders, Ravagers, and Abominations in the area, before moving on through where the marker is taking you. You'll be led to a Restricted Zone boss fight with The Fanatic, who we met very early on in one of Forsaken's first missions. This guy channels electric currents to deal lots of damage over time, and casts area of effect attacks whenever you get too close. His health is plentiful, so use any supers, grenades, and power weapons you have, using the multitides of pillars as cover when things get too hectic, or if you need to deal with the adds that arrive often during the battle. 

The Fanatic's weapon has an identifiable charge time before it fires, so use its noise and visual cues to predict getting in and out of cover, shooting between shots to attack him before he can attack you. When the adds do come, they arrive en masse, so stay well clear of their entry point when they arrive. 

After a certain amount of health has been depleted, The Fanatic will teleport inside to a smaller area, where its harder to avoid both his attacks, and those of the adds around him. You'll need to get more cautious here, sticking to cover and avoiding power plays until you're sure you have a safe opportunity to do so. Keep it up, and The Fanatic will perish by your hand.  

With one boss dead, it's time to move on into the watchtower for Uldren. You'll be moved on to an inner chambers of sorts, so follow your marker through to the Ascendant Plane, where some light platforming and combat amongst Scorn will take place in darkened corridors until you make it to the top of the watchtower. 

Here, there'll be lots of Taken foes, including a miniboss Taken Cabal, but positions for cover and flanking are generous, so utilise your space to get rid of them, fast. Now would also be a good time to spend your super or power ammo. Just sayin'.

Once the Taken are cleared out, you'll be able to head on towards a crystal highlighted by your marker. Interact with it, then follow your marker to meet a few more Taken mobs, where a tree up ahead also needs to be interacted with to open the door in front. Enter the door into the Ascendant Plane, kill the Taken found within, and platform carefully across the floating rocks to reach a miniboss fight with a Taken Minotaur. 

Defeating this guy will bring you back to the real world, and into a Restricted Zone boss fight with The Chimera. A otherworldly Servitor-like creature who floats around the arena firing homing missiles towards you from afar. Either shoot at these missiles before they reach you or stay in the air to avoid their impact, and aim for the Chimera's eye in between clearance sweeps of the oft spawning Taken mobs. 

Cover can be sparse in this arena, reduced to concentrated pockets within the circular zone, so don't get caught in the open when those missiles are coming in hot. The Chimera can also shoot a single, much faster beam of energy from his eye, which can catch you out if you're in said open area with no protection. 

Otherwise, keepattacking that damn eye whenever it's safe to, particularly with your super, power ammo, or grenades if possible. At a certain point, the Chimera will teleport you to the Ascendant Realm, where cover is even less generous, and almost the entire floor is covered with health draining acid, alongside yet more Taken mobs, which makes things a lot trickier than before. Even once you're given access to a portal which teleports you back, the hazardous liquid will come with you, making the fight as much a ballet of platforming as it is gunfire. 

The final stage of the boss fight involves taking out the Chimera's shield-providing orbs, which you can spot and shoot at in the air near its vicinity, using the now added floating platforms for some height advantage in the process. 

From there, you're free to keep firing away at its exterior, surviving every new teleportation to the Ascendant Realm, and repeatedly returning to chip away at the boss' health in the ever changing arena. It'll take some time (this is the campaign's last boss, after all), but sticking to this strategy will have the Chimera dead and gone soon enough.  

Congratulations Guardian! You've completed Forsaken's campaign, and are now free to enjoy Destiny 2's suite of new post-game content. Go grab some ramen at the tower to celebrate this latest victory; you've earned it. 

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