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Having narrowly escaped the clutches of the Cabal in Adieu, it’s time to see if you can get your light back, and a fallen piece of the Traveler seems like the perfect place to look.

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Destiny 2 - EDZ: Spark

Level Recommendation: Level 1, Power Rating 10

At the Farm, talk to Suraya Hawthorne - the farm’s overseer, found at the top of the social space’s main building - who will ask you to check out the shard of the Traveler in the European Dead Zone.

Once there, head through the wall and come out into a cavernous area to reacquaint yourself with Fallen Wretches. Equip your heavy weapon shotgun and you’ll make quick work of them in no time.

You’ll also find a chest further on in the cave, which contains a Pariah auto rifle kinetic weapon and some glimmer.

Travel through the cave and come out the other side to get a nice view of the shard, before jumping down into the wooded area to fight through some Fallen. If you see a crashed ship, you’ll know you’re headed in the right direction. 

Before long, you’ll come across the mission's first two sub-bosses; Tikkis, Diminished Scrapper and Maksor, Starving Scavenger. Use your energy weapon to deplete their shields fast, before switching to kinetic to finish them off. 

From here on, a cut-scene plays out and, before you know it, you have your light back. To put it in more exciting terms, your Guardian will now be empowered with their first sub-class Super ability, and Bungie are about to throw a ton of Fallen Dregs and Wretches in your face to try out those newly gained tricks. 

During this sequence, stick to the pillars of light to rejuvenate your energy, which essentially gives you unlimited access to your Super ability, and have fun decimating your foes as an unstoppable force of destruction. 

The fight will culminate in a boss bottle with Skriviks, the Sharp-Eyed who, like the other previous bosses, can be dealt with rapidly if you understand how to get rid of his shield with an energy weapon. Defeat Skriviks, and pat yourself on the back, as you’ve just restored your light and completed the mission!

From here, head back to the farm, where you’ll be told that all multiplayer content is now accessible, and you’re free to continue on the campaign with the next mission; Combustion!

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Next mission - EDZ: Combustion

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