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Well done for taking care of Hiraks in Target: The Mindbender, but one more Baron before the big Fanatic boss is on the horizon. He's called Pirrha, and you can start the adventure by interacting with the beacon shown on The Tangled Shore. 

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Destiny 2: Forsaken - Tangled Shore - The Rifleman

From the Sniper's nest vantage point that the mission starts at, follow your marker to a nearby battlefield of Cabal and Scorn, until you spot the Rifleman perched atop a large structure in the centre of the plains.  

Pirrha will retreat after a few hits, but you can pursue him by following the waypoint (preferably atop a Sparrow) into the Jetsam of Saturn area, which is populated by a small number of Hive enemies. He’ll keep taking pops at your from afar with his sniper rifle (which is easy to avoid but can do serious damage if you stay still long enough for him to hit you), before teleporting further back whenever you get too close. 

Eventually, Pirrha will deploy five decoys around the vicinity to draw you off guard, and their remains wills need collected one by one, after destroying the decoy itself, in order to proceed. You can do just that by hitting each one with a quick fire of bullets; they’re usually perched up high and look essentially like a digitised version Pirrha himself, though they can still attack you as he would.

Meanwhile, Hive will be attacking you from every direction the whole time, but you can ignore them if you just want to focus on completing the mission. Your marker will then show you the way to the final part of the level, Hellrise Canyon, once these decoys are gone. 

This next section a subterranean cavern riddled with more Hive and Scorn, alongside a few minibosses, and you’ll have to clear them all to progress on through. Continue down into the cave, clearing more adds and mobs as you go, and you’ll reach another semi-open area with Scorn, and just beyond that - the restricted zone where the boss fight with Pirrha takes place. 

His strategy is to deploy yet more decoys atop the zone’s various perches, and you’ll need to figure out which one is real by shooting them all until the genuine Pirrha reacts, at which point he’ll come down and start firing back. This won’t stop him deploying doppelgangers frequently during open combat, but again, you can just quickly shoot them all away to prevent any confusion.

Avoid his slow but powerful sniper fire, keep destroying the decoys, and use your supers and power ammo on the regularly spawning mobs, and Pirrha will soon succumb to your vengeful might. 

So long Pirrha, nice knowing you. That's six barons down, which brings you back to Forsaken's main questline, starting with The Machinist

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