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Off-World Recovery saw you reconvene with the Traveller once again; now it’s time to find Xol’s feeding grounds on Mars and wake him up. 

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Destiny 2 Warmind - Mars: Strange Terrain

Journey to Mars and activate the campaign mission beacon to begin the quest, before entering the Olympus Descent caves shown on your waypoint, in front of the starting zone. 

There’ll be Hive up ahead, including Wizards and Knights, so stay on your toes and keep above ground where possible, even if the zone isn’t restricted at the moment. 

You’ll come across a crystal that need destroying to progress through the area, and you can pick up the orbs dropped by guarding Knights as an explosive power weapon, which can then be thrown back at it to deal damage.

Continue descending into the Penumbral Depths, where Thrall (including cursed Thrall) will be eager to meet you en masse. This part entails more fights with Hive mobs, including a group of four Knight minibosses followed by a wizard mini boss fight, so power weapons and supers are advised.

As you make your way through, you’ll encounter a restricted zone, in which two more of those crystals need destroying to remove the barrier protecting an ogre. 

Ignore the ogre for now and instead focus on the adds surrounding him but, like before, make sure to pick up any orbs dropped by a Knight to throw at one of the crystals until its barrier is destroyed. With everyone else taken care of, focus your firepower on the Ogre, steering clear of its giant, fatal laser beam as usual.

The mission ends at a restricted zone, with a boss fight against Nokris, Herald of Xol. He’s a powerful Wizard who fires barrages of lasers at you, while spawning in more Hive like Thrall, Knights, and Acolytes at regular intervals. 

After you’ve cut down a certain amount of his health, Nokris will surround himself in a shield that can, once again, only be destroyed by the crystal its connected to. 

During these moments, kill any adds and find the Knight you need to take out to pick up its orb and throw it at the crystal; this will bring Nokris back into the fold and you can keep damaging his life bar until he finally gives up.

Interact with the structure in the middle to initiate a cut-scene and finish the quest, setting you on course for the fifth mission in Warmind’s campaign, Will of the Thousands.

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