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With Warmind re-awoken in the last mission, Pilgrimage, it's time to head back to Earth to recover another fragment of your best pal, the Traveler. 

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Destiny 2 Warmind - EDZ: Off-World Recovery

Travel to the EDZ and the campaign mission marker on your mark, activating the banner to begin the quest. 

Once the mission's started, hop on your sparrow and travel through the EDZ, following your waypoint untill you reach a turf war between the Taken and Fallen. If you're smart about it, you can wait and watch a while to let them dwindle each other's numbers, but you will have to deal with the Taken victors eventually. 

In fact, your first objective is to clear out the Taken Blight interference, killing as many as you can to fill up a percentage meter while taking down those giant black orbs that spawn in more enemies and keeps several of them immune from attacks. There's three of them in total, and they can be taken out most effectively with a few rounds of explosive ammunition. 

From there, follow your waypoint into the Hallowed Grove, where only a few more Taken are in the way of the Traveller fragment found just a little further on into the cave. 

Scan the fragment, and this'll turn the area into a Restricted Zone as you kick off a wave defence activity while Ana attempts to remove the Taken barrier preventing you from accessing it. 

There's going to be a lot of Taken enemies coming at you at this point, in a fairly enclosed zone, alongside several boss encounters with Wizards, Captains, and more; so make sure you're prepared for the fight before you start the scan. 

The last boss, Mahesh, is a real toughie of a Taken Cabal, so keep your distance and destroy his homing missiles before they reach you to stay one step ahead of his firepower. 

After killing  Mahesh, you can interact the Traveller fragment again to finish up the mission, before moving on to the next quest in the Warmind campaign, Strange Terrain.

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