Destiny 2 guide: complete campaign walkthroughs and guides for every corner of the game

Destiny 2’s second expansion, Warmind, takes your Guardian to Mars, as a revived Hive army poses new threats to the galaxy in the wake of Rasputin’s reemergence. 

Unlike the Curse of Osiris expansion earlier this year, Warmind has only five story missions, and you’ll find complete walkthroughs for all of them here, starting with the very first, Ice and Shadow.

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Destiny 2 Warmind - Mars: Ice and Shadow

Open your map and head to Mars to begin the mission, but not before watching a snazzy new cinematic cutscene setting up the story. You're going to need to rendezvous with Ana Bray, so follow your waypoint into the icy caverns of Galacial Drift and deal with the Thrall, Acolytes, and Knights found within. 

It's the first mission of the DLC, so this shouldn't be too difficult, but do be careful of the Vanquisher who pops out the wall, Dark Souls style, about halfway through and the mini boss who can be found towards the end of the cave.

Once you've made it out of the other side of the caverns, you'll be greeted by a Restricted Zone and more Hive mobs, which will now include Adherents (snipers), Wizards, and a tough Ogre boss.

Be sure to avoid the latter's giant laser beam, and use your heavy weapon or Super if you either, staying one step ahead of the Thrall hordes, and you'll survive the onslaught. 

Upon finishing that fight, move towards the giant door at your waypoint and a cut-scene will boot up in which you meet Ana Bray for the first time... and that's it! No seriously, that's the end of the mission, and it'll literally boot you right into the beginning of the next one, Pilgrimage

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Next mission - Mars: Pilgrimage

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