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With the Infinity Forest map found in Tree of Probabilities, it’s time to hunt down a Vex Mind to read it.

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris - Nessus: Hijacked 

Head to Artifact’s Edge on Nessus and activate the mission flag nearby to begin playing Hijacked. 

From the starting point, jump on your sparrow and zoom towards the marker, which will be the entrance to a cave, with Entangled Protectors patrolling outside. 

Push on through the cave, taking out any Vex you encounter along the path, and you’ll meet up with an Entangled Mind boss, who will fire a few pot shots at you before teleporting away. You’re going to need to catch up with him, by pressing on in its direction and killing the Goblins, Harpies, and Hobgoblins in your way. 

After teleporting off for the second time, you’ll eventually meet the Entangled Mind in his lair, which is a restricted zone full of several more Vex adds. Take your time, be precise with your shots, and you’ll have it defeated within minutes. 

From there, move on through the portal further into the cave, and you’ll find yourself back outside in The Tangle. Hop on your Sparrow as soon as you can and speed over towards the marker: another cave inside one of those towers from the Infinity Forest. 

Take out the warring Vex and Fallen enemies outside, and embark down into the caverns. There’ll be more Vex within, plus a portal which you’ll need to go through to progress. 

At the end of the trip is another conflux puzzle, so step on the circular platform on the ground to initiate the process, fighting Vex as you make your way up the spawning platforms to the conflux at the top. Before you can interact with it though, a Quantum Hydra must be defeated. 

Upon activating the conflux, the mission will be complete, allowing you to progress on to Mercury to begin A Garden World

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