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Destiny 2 guide: complete campaign walkthroughs and guides for every corner of the game

Destiny 2’s first big mission - Homecoming - is also one of its best, full of bright lights and big explosions to draw you into the spectacle of its galactic conflict. It’s also a fairly straightforward mission too, so let’s unpack what needs to be done. 

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Destiny 2 - Earth: Homecoming

You’ll begin Homecoming navigating a series of tight corridors filled with the new cabal enemies, so just follow your objective point using your pistol to make quick work of any foes. 

You’ll know you’re in the right place once you come face to face with Cayde-6, who will point you in the Shaxx. Shaxx will open a door to a stockpile, which is where you can pick up two basic rarity weapons - a pistol and a rifle. 

Keep moving through the ship, taking out enemies as you go, until you reach a large, open hangar, where combat will open up into a fight involving several Cabal foes. The game starts introducing new enemy types here, so don’t go into auto-pilot mode or you might be caught out by surprise.

After gawking at the corrupted state of the traveller from the Hangar, head right until you come across Commander Zavala in what used to be the main balcony of The Tower in Destiny. He’ll need help defending against three waves of attacks, and you’ll hopefully have some other Guardian players helping you against the onslaught to keep things manageable. 

With the waves defeated, head on to meet Ikora Ray, and beyond her lies a few more squads of Cabal that you’ll need to deal with. All that done, Amanda will come pick you up from the tower, which in turn triggers a cutscene.

Amanda will drop you off on the Cabal mothership, so press on up the ramp and make quick work of the three Incendiors through the door at the top (tip: aim for their gas canisters). From here, you’ll encounter your first Destiny 2 sub-boss; Pashk the Searing Will.

Pashk has a fondness for rockets and fire, so avoid his projectiles as best you can and deal damage with your fusion rifle as often as possible. With Pashk no more, continue on to the hull of the ship where, after defeating a few Psions and Legionaries, another sub-boss called Brann the Unbent Blade will be awaiting you. 

Brann uses a heavy weapon and is supported by a number of allies as you cut through his health, so stay moving and off the ground as much as possible to avoid fire. Being only the second boss you’ve encountered, he’s not too difficult to kill, but he will take a bit of time. 

After Brann, the final area awaits; the much maligned turbine section from the Destiny 2 beta. To bring the shields down, you’ll have to destroy all three turbines by shooting at them below - avoiding the giants spinning arms that can insta-kill you upon contact. Just stay patient and stick to the ledges on the side, and you should be fine.

With that done, the machinery will come to a grinding halt and you’ll be able to move through the large door that can’t be missed, thereby ending Destiny 2’s first mission. Congratulations, Guardian! Onto the next stage in your adventure - the appropriately titled Adieu...

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