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Destiny 2’s penultimate mission, 1AU, had us eliminate Ghaul’s doomsday weapon, but it's not enough. It’s time to face the Dominus in one final battle.

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Destiny 2 - Earth: Chosen

Level Recommendation: Level 19, Power Rating 180

We begin the last chapter of Destiny 2’s Red War high above the streets of The Last City. So, naturally, you need to get down. Just hop off the side of the building you’re on and activate your preferred form of double-jump shortly before hitting the ground.

You’ll fight your way forward through the city streets, facing enemies that really should be old hat by now. An Honored Centurion with a Solar shield will try to get in your way. Don’t let him distract you from your real goal. If you listen to your allies’ radio chatter you’ll hear them mention a barrier going down. 

Sure enough, the force field surrounding a Cabal structure behind the Centurion will vanish. If you’re quick, you can slip inside right away. Otherwise, the barrier will return and you’ll have to wait for it to go down again. Not to mention another Honored Centurion will spawn to replace the old one.

The whole process repeats on the other side of the wall. Just pay attention to the radio and you should be able to slip past the second barrier on the first go.

Keep pressing forward once you reach the other side. Enemies will continue to spawn in this section, no matter how many you kill. The trade-off is that respawning isn’t restricted. Even if you mess up, the consequences are nil.

The mission begins in earnest once you rendezvous with the Vanguard. They’ll let you teleport to Ghaul’s “cage” for the Traveler and into the first Restricted Zone. If that alert wasn’t enough to warn you, the pack of sleeping War Beasts you stumble onto next should. Aim for the Honored War Beast in the center, first, then follow-up with a grenade or other form of AoE to keep the rest from swarming you. Save a little something for the next fight, if you can.

Said fight includes the mini-boss Final Guard Straff. He’s a Void shielded Incidior. This is the final fight before the final boss, so feel free to unload on him before your upcoming checkpoint.

With that, it’s time to fight Ghaul! As you might guess, this is the final boss of the Red War campaign. If ever there was a time to freely unload on an enemy, this is it. Super abilities, power weapons, and grenades are all fair game. And the sooner you use your cooldown-based skills, the sooner they’ll be ready to use again! His weak point is his head, by the way, so aim for that when possible.

Ghaul himself can throw a lot of your own abilities back at you. The Cabal warlord starts by throwing a Warlock’s Daybreak blades at you from a distance. They’re big and slow enough to dodge, but you need to watch their trajectory.

There’s enough cover to break line of sight with Ghaul when you need a moment to heal. The only interference there is the handful of minions he periodically spawns. Try to thin them as best you can to keep things from getting too hectic. Your regenerating health is one of your best advantages over the boss, so don’t lose it to a few Psions poking at you from all angles.

After Ghaul loses just under a third of his health, he becomes immune to damage for a moment and begins to switch colors. If he’s blue, he’ll toss out balls of lightning instead of Daybreak swords. They seem to have a bit more splash damage, but otherwise you can dodge them in exactly the same way as his first form. If he’s purple, he’ll raise a Sentinel Titan’s shield that blocks incoming damage and eventually slams into the ground. To be absolutely safe, avoid using Super attacks until immediately after he switches from purple to another element. That way there’s no chance of him blocking it.

The real kicker of this form is that it calls forth pools of Light. Just like the ones found in Spark and other subclass missions, they refill your Super for no cost if you stand in them. Abuse these to hit Ghaul with your best offensive attacks, but bear in mind that he’ll become briefly invincible one last time when he reaches one-third health. If you get him close to that threshold, just use kinetic and energy weapons to bring him down, rather than waste something good.

That’s all there is to it! Ghaul shifts between these three forms until dead. Keep moving, keeping hitting him, know when to blow your Super attacks, and you shouldn’t have any trouble at all. Enjoy the triumphant cutscenes that follow and be sure to stick around after the credits for a little teaser of what’s to come.

Congratulations - you've completed Destiny 2's main campaign.

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