Deliver Us The Moon and Those Who Remain delayed due to coronavirus

Two new games have been delayed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, this time Wired Productions' Deliver Us The Moon and Those Who Remain.

The publisher took to Twitter to release a statement on the two delays, explaining that the alarming spread of COVID-19 has caused their headquarters and several other offices to close. "In these uncertain times, we do not want to add any additional workload or stress to those that are affected. We also want to ensure we fully support our partners in retail, who are facing particular difficulties in supply chains," the statement reads.

Accordingly, Those Who Remain is being pushed from its May 2020 release date to "later in June." The game will be available digitally on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with a physical release limited to PS4 and PC.

Deliver Us The Moon is still launching digitally on April 24 as planned, but the physical Deluxe Edition is being pushed back to July, where it will release alongside the Switch and Collectors Edition versions.

It's an unfortunate, though comparatively trivial reality that video games, TV shows, and movies are likely to face delays as the world grapples with an unprecedented situation. As of now, Microsoft says the Xbox Series X likely won't face production delays due to the coronavirus, and Sony PR recently confirmed the PS5 hasn't yet been delayed, but that's all subject to change in the coming weeks and months.

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Jordan Gerblick

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