PS5 has not yet been delayed by Coronavirus, Sony PR confirms

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The PS5 (opens in new tab) is still on track to meet its Holiday 2020 launch window, a representative for Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed, despite concerns about the ongoing rise of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. 

The news was confirmed by BAAS, the Amsterdam PR agency for Sony Interactive Entertainment Benelux, in a statement to Dutch tech website LetsGoDigital (opens in new tab) , stating that "coronavirus has not yet delayed the launch of the PlayStation 5 for the time being." 

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This will come as comforting news to PlayStation fans worrying about a potential PS5 delay (opens in new tab), given that the COVID-19 disease, and the containment measures that nations are taking to combat its continued spread, has disrupted a number of production pipelines in Asia, where Sony sources and manufactures the majority of its products. The wording of the statement does imply that nothing is being ruled out though, if disruptions continue. 

The statement also follows yesterday's announcement of a PS5 reveal event (opens in new tab) scheduled for later today, in which the next-gen console's lead architect - Mark Cerny - will be hosting a deeper dive into the PS5 specs (opens in new tab), while hopefully teasing more about the PS5 price (opens in new tab), release date, and launch lineup of PS5 games (opens in new tab)

Microsoft, meanwhile, has already shared more than enough details about its next-gen alternative, the Xbox Series X (opens in new tab), even providing a real time demo reel showing off the drastically reduced Xbox Series X loading times (opens in new tab) compared to its predecessors. It's all to play for, in other words, and Sony's about to finally make its move. 

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