New Xbox Series X gameplay reveals just how quick loading times will be

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Series X loading times for its upcoming next gen console via a new trailer comparing the hardware's processing power to that of the Xbox One X. 

The trailer shows both consoles booting up State of Decay 2 side-by-side, with the Xbox Series X loading in the game from the main menu in just under 11 seconds, 40 seconds faster than that of its predecessor, whose loading times take almost an entire minute by comparison. 

Check it out below:

The trailer emphasises that the on-screen demo "does not represent gameplay optimized for Xbox Series X" but is instead using a "backward compatible Xbox title to demonstrate load time technology."

The speediness of these loading times are apparently achieved thanks to Xbox's new Velocity Architecture, which Microsoft claims allows developers to stream-in up to 100GB of assets to their games without worrying about longer processing times, thus reducing the wait for players on the other end. 

The footage is just one of many next-gen bombshells Microsoft is dropping about the Xbox Series X today, revealing new specs, launch details, and more about the console, though there's still no sign of an Xbox Series X delay amidst ongoing concern<script src=""></script>s around the spread of the Coronavirus disease. 

PlayStation, meanwhile, continues to stay silent about its own next-gen equivalent, the PS5, with February having come and gone without any news of the previous rumoured PS5 reveal event

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