Death Stranding tip from Hideo Kojima reveals how to mark BT locations

Death Stranding
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A Death Stranding tip from Hideo Kojima himself has a little bit of knowledge to impart on new players and veterans alike.

Just earlier today on September 6, the creative director of Kojima Productions put out the tweet just below, revealing how you can spot BT handprints on the ground where the enemies have previously located you. As Kojima explains, you can utilize this trick in Death Stranding when going back through areas to reveal where the BTs are lurking, waiting to strike out at you should you disturb them.

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This is something that a lot of Death Stranding players might not have even realized. After all, players are probably too busy legging it away from the grasp of the BTs to turn back and realize that the ghostly enemies leave handprints where they've previously detected you.

Still, this should make the going a whole lot easier in Death Stranding, especially (as Kojima states above) when you're retracing your steps during the mountain biome in particular. This advice couldn't have come at a better time either, as Death Stranding Director's Cut gears up to launch exclusively for the PS5 later this month on September 24.

Kojima's re-release is packing a lot of new content into the new release. There's the likes of brand new story missions, new areas to explore and side deliveries to accomplish, and new methods of delivering cargo, like the powerful cargo catapult. There's even the Fragile Circuit, a racing mini-game where players compete for the fastest times around a track possible. In short, there's plenty of reasons to return to Kojima's 2019 action game later this month.

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