Watch Rick & Morty figure out what the Death Stranding baby is for in this new clip

Death Stranding takes place in a fractured, post-apocalyptic world, and the only thing that could make it worse would be Rick Sanchez showing up with his idiot grandson. Enter the latest commercial for Death Stranding, a crossover between the strange and ambitious new game from Kojima Productions and Rick & Morty, the animated Adult Swim series that has blessed the world with those giant "SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT" heads with one hand and cursed it with adults tantruming for McDonalds Szechuan sauce with the other.

The 30 second commercial follows Rick and Morty on the haunted plains of Death Stranding as they wonder what the deal is with all the ghosts and why Morty has a pod baby strapped to his chest. If Hideo Kojima was there, he'd tell them that the pod baby is there so that Morty can see all the ghosts while he's out making deliveries, but Kojima's probably too busy getting started on his next project (and maybe even a movie).

It's a commercial for Death Stranding, but it's also a little extra morsel while fans anxiously wait for Rick & Morty season 4 to begin later this week. The crossover between the two probably won't extend any further than the commercial, but you can always pretend that Rick has the pod baby stored on one of the shelves in his workshop. Unless they ate it.

Death Stranding will finally hit shelves on Friday, and you can check out our Death Stranding review round-up if you want to get an idea of what critics across the internet think of it.

You won't need to strap a pod baby to your chest to find all of the best Black Friday game deals, we'll load them all up on our overburdened backs and lug them right to you. 

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