Death Stranding review round-up: Hideo Kojima’s latest splits critics

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With Death Stranding’s review embargo officially up, we’re rounding up what other gaming outlets have said about Kojima Prouduction’s latest and the top line is: it won’t be for everyone.

Our own Leon Hurley has spent a lot of time with the game, and in our Death Stranding review, he eloquently sums up the game’s exterior beauty while arguing the central gameplay doesn’t quite sustain itself over time. In Leon’s words: “There is an okay experience here, filled with a scrapbooking hokum of afterlife mythology and pseudoscience, with a cast of likeable if bluntly literal characters but it’s a game that, ironically, is easily lost in its lengthy delivery.” 

But, there’s plenty of opinions across the broad, with some outlets heaping praise on Kojima’s latest, while others are a bit more reserved in their assessment of the game. 

Death Stranding Review Round-up 

At the time of writing Death Stranding currently sits on an 84 on Metacritic, which is a very good score indeed, putting it on a par on the site with Control, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the PS4 release of Outer Wilds. The even better news is that it’s now only a week away from launch on PS4, so we’ll all be able to sample Kojima’s latest concoction this time next week on November 8. 

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