The Death Stranding release date is here, and it spells bad news for The Last of Us 2 fans

Credit: Sony

The Death Stranding release date is November 8, 2019, making it Sony's big PS4 exclusive for the Fall of this year. As a result, The Last of Us 2 has reportedly been pushed back to early 2020 (according to Kotaku's Jason Schreier). 

The news was announced via an extensive and enigmatic Death Stranding teaser on Twitch, which gave us our best look yet at the upcoming PS4 game, which is also reportedly scheduled to release for the PS5 in the not too distant future. 

Hideo Kojima's first game since Metal Gear Solid 5 is thus scheduled to release in just over five months time, and Death Stranding pre-order details have already appeared on the PlayStation Store, bearing digital goodies for anyone who purchases their copy of the game before its newly revealed launch date. 

Of course, now that Death Stranding is releasing this November, that makes it very unlikely for another big PS4 exclusive, The Last of Us 2, to be launching around the same time, throwing water on the long rumoured 2019 release date for Naughty Dog's hotly anticipated sequel. 

There's rumours that Sony is planning another State of Play this week focused entirely on The Last of Us 2 but, with the absence of any official word from PlayStation on top of this Death Stranding news, that's looking less and less likely. The game is supposedly in its final stages of development, but don't hold your breath to be playing it by Christmas. Sorry, Joel & Ellie fans. 

Death Stranding is one of our most anticipated new games of 2019. Watch the video below to discover more that are on the way this year. 

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