Watch the Death Stranding Twitch Teaser sharpish, as more people = more footage

UPDATE: Things are happening with the Death Stranding Twitch teaser, as there's now new footage looping in the background behind a number of hands - and get this: the more people who watch the stream, the more hands appear, revealing more of the footage tantalisingly repeating. At the time of writing there's about 37,000 people watching, so you might want to get in there sharpish to help increase the number of hands. It's kind of incredible when you think about it, but seriously...please watch the stream yourself, as being so close to seeing some new Death Stranding footage is figuratively killing me. 

You can watch Death Stranding on Twitch right now. Ok, it's not the actual game being played, but it is Death Stranding, on Twitch, and it's just as weird as you'd expect. The official PlayStation Twitch account is currently looping through a video of handprints appearing on a murky black foreground, and where the handprints appear little bits and pieces of Death Stranding can be briefly seen in the background.

The odd video is accompanied by a creepy ambient audio loop. Most of the time it's just distant, dreary industrial sounds and ominous humming, but now and then distorted voices break through. At one point you can hear a woman say "It's what we need right now; not to stand apart but to come together". Without context, I can't say what she's talking about, but the message lines up with the overarching theme of bringing players together that Kojima has been teasing for years.

The stream went live after Kojima Productions revealed that more Death Stranding news would arrive on Wednesday, May 29th. Whatever the studio and Sony have to share, you'll likely see it first on this very Twitch stream.

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Kojima's adding to the maelstrom of teases with similarly styled videos on his Twitter account. This one features the text "Tomorrow is in your hands" over scenes of the pod baby floating around. You know Kojima's won because I can use the term "pod baby" and you immediately know what I'm talking about. Whatever comes of all these inky handprints, we'll let you know as soon as possible.

Even if it won't technically be on the show floor, Death Stranding is still one of our most anticipated E3 2019 games. Check out this video for some more titles to get excited about.

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