Death Stranding 2 is only a working title

Death Stranding 2 screenshot
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Death Stranding 2 has been announced at The Game Awards, though it’ll be going by a different name by the time it eventually releases. 

Kojima Productions clarifies on Twitter that Death Stranding 2 is currently a working title, which explains some of the ‘DS2’ brandings we’ve seen slung about in the meantime. Fans haven’t offered too much speculation over what it’ll end up being – aside from some Eat Stranding jokes – as they’ve been digging into the DS2 trailer for hints, as Hideo Kojima himself told them there are plenty to find. 

One of the main points of conversation revolves around the baby you see at the start of the trailer with Fragile, as the name ‘Lousie’ is written on her bib. If you need a reminder, the baby that protagonist Sam Bridges carts around in the first game is called Lou, and later revealed to be called Louise. There’s also some chatter around who the focus of DS2 will be – Fragile takes centre stage in the trailer, though she does tell a white-haired Sam that it’s time for a new journey. As ever, you’ll need to wait and find out. 

The vibe more generally, though, is this.

Elsewhere Death Stranding, fans were almost as enamoured by Kojima’s suit as they were the reveal trailer. The classic sneaker combo was still there, sure,  though the Death Stranding-inspired detail on the suit was a neat enough touch. 

Kojima also revealed on-stage that he rewrote DS2’s story entirely following the events of the pandemic. He explains that it was partly due to experiencing the whole ordeal, but also that he didn’t want to predict anymore of the future.

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