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Dead Space 3 pre-order exclusive retailer weapons

Dead Space 3 will split the necromorphized barb-launching baby when it comes to pre-order bonuses. Electronic Arts today announced two retailer-exclusive pre-order weapons for the game at GameStop and Amazon, in addition to now-standard pre-order exclusive Limited Edition content.

GameStop pre-orders will receive the EG-900 sub-machine gun, and Amazon customers will nab the Tesla Enervator. The SMG is pretty self-explanatory, but the Enervator "delivers a precision blast causing instantaneous electrocution and molecular destabilization" in targets, which sounds like a reasonable sort of thing to do to a gibbering monster made from a hodgepodge of dead stuff.

These bonuses are on top of the First Contact and Witness the Truth bundles, which pack in their own retailer-exclusive weapon and armor sets. If you're not confused by who to order from and why yet, well, you're a more intellectually superior specimen than us.

Fortunately, the game still looked like good fun with or without co-op buddies the last time we saw it, regardless of which doodads and gewgaws end up coming in your box. It's set for release on February 5, 2013 in North America and February 8 in Europe.

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