David Gemmell award winners to be revealed tomorrow

A glittering event at the Magic Circle will reveal this year's fantasy winners (and don't forget the auction!)

For four years now the great and the good of fantasy fiction have come out in force for The David Gemmell Awards , an event that both commemorates the great author and rewards the finest of this year’s genre writers. This year's festivities commence tomorrow night, where contenders include Brandon Sanderson, 2011 winner of the coveted Legend Award, and three time nominated Joe Abercrombie.

Throughout the evening authors and artists will be recognised for the best novel of the year (Legend Award), best fantasy newcomer or debut (Morningstar Award) and best fantasy book jacket or artist (Ravenheart Award). Taking place at the wonderful Magic Circle building in London on Friday 15 June, the award boasts an international feel with authors coming from a vast area of the globe much like the votes.

Each year international fantasy readers are able to vote for their winners up until Easter, from a longlist put forward by publishers. From this the five titles with the most votes make up a shortlist which is then put out for vote again until 31 May.

A reminder of who's on the shortlist this year:

Black Veil – Kristen Britain
The Heroes – Joe Abercrombie
The Wise Mans Fear – Patrick Rothfuss
Blood of Aenarion – William King
Alloy of Law – Brandon Sanderson

Prince of Thorns – Mark Lawrence
Among the Thieves – Douglas Hulick
The Unremembered – Peter Orullian
The Heir of the Night – Helen Lowe
Songs of the Earth – Elspeth Cooper

Blood of Aenarion - Raymond Swanland.
The Heroes - 2011 winners Didier Graffet and Dave Senior.
Oracle’s Fire - Frank Victoria.
Among Thieves - Larry Rostant.
Journey by Night – Aaron Biggs.

Each nominee for the Legend Award receives a mini Snaga (the axe of Druss the Legend) whilst the winner, much to the envy of all fantasy fans, receives a unique, scale model of Snaga etched with the winner’s name and novel.

If you can’t make it to the event and still want to be involved don’t forget the David Gemmell Legend Awards auction , that raises money to ensure the continuation of the award, can be entered by email. And if you are there, well, look out for our photographer and say hi to any SFX contributors you come across.

Danielle Nevin

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