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Dark Souls 3 Prestige Edition comes with a big honkin' figurine

It looks like Dark Souls 3 (opens in new tab)'s release date was leaked by a Middle Eastern retailer - but more importantly, so were its massive statuettes. According to a since-pulled listing by Geekay Games (opens in new tab) (via Twitter user Wario64 (opens in new tab)), the third and final entry in From Software's grim 'n' gothic series will be released on April 12, 2016, and it will have at least two limited sets: the Collector Edition and the Prestige Edition.

From Software previously confirmed that Dark Souls 3 would arrive sometime in April 2016 (opens in new tab), so the date lines up there. Geekay's promotional images for the two packs are pretty convincing, as well - each one includes a cloth map, art book, soundtrack, and trio of iron-on patches. The Collector Edition comes with a 25 cm figurine of the Red Knight, and the Prestige Edition packs in a huge, 40 cm Lord of Cinder figurine (and a bigger Collector's Box to store it in).

If that's not enough for you, From Software recently revealed that Dark Souls 3 will support 2 to 6 players (opens in new tab) in online multiplayer (though if you're expecting to join a lobby and invite your friends you must not be very familiar with Dark Souls) and laid out some new info about Bloodborne-style combat stances.

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Connor Sheridan
Connor Sheridan

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