Daredevil's Charlie Cox was cautioned on sounding like Batman, says red hair looked "really weird" on him

This past weekend Daredevil's Charlie Cox hit up Dragon Con in Atlanta, regaling the audience with plenty of insightful behind-the-scenes details from his time on the Marvel series. One of the panel highlights saw him discuss his version of Matt Murdock, and particularly, how the do-gooding lawyer changes when he slips into that iconic costume. It's natural for most spandexed heroes to feel a jolt of power and all that when they're suited up. It's also pretty standard for them to... well, change their voice a little.  

At several points during filming, Cox was cautioned by the show's producers. “You’re starting to sound like Batman,” were their exact words, to which Cox replied that there's really not many options when you're trying to be intimidating in a suit. The Dark Knight corners the market on deep, gravelly tones so it's not hard to see where the comparison came from. 

Another character trait scrapped early on involved Murdock's hair. On the page, the Man Without Fear has a head of red locks, which Cox admits didn't really work. “We tried,” he says. “It looked really weird.” Who needs a rouge barnet when you've got rather badass headgear?  

Images: Marvel 

Gem Seddon

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