Danny Huston strikes Wolverine

The last time we saw Danny Huston, he was running around a small, isolated town in Alaska devouring the natives for 30 Days Of Night. Now it looks like he’ll be menacing Hugh Jackman as he’s just signed up to play the younger William Stryker (as played by Brian Cox in X2). Stryker, of course, is the man who oversees the Weapon X programme, which is how Logan gets his Adamantium skeleton and famous claws.

IESB.net has confirmed the casting, and also lets slip another sliver of news: the role of Silver Fox, which was rumoured to be down to just Michelle Monaghan or Maggie Q, has in fact gone to relative newcomer Lynn Collins, seen in The Number 23 and Bug. She’ll be playing Logan’s tragic love interest who also hides a secret of her own.

Oh, and the IESB boys have also been tracking down word that Jackman’s talk of “other mutant cameos” looks to be coming to live in the form of massive mutant mangler The Blob. Apparently the huge, nearly indestructible lardo will be played practically with a bloke in a fat suit and then augmented with CGI.

Sources: ( IESB )

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