D&D Kickstarter Local Legends wants to make your tabletop tavern better

Epic Encounters: Local Legends artwork
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'You meet in the tavern' is probably one of the less inspiring D&D tropes on tap, so Local Legends - a new Kickstarter project that's already flown past its funding goal - aims to spice things up a bit.

Designed by Steamforged (the studio behind the pre-made D&D dungeons of Epic Encounters and the Horizon Zero Dawn board game), Local Legends is a boxset with ten unique taverns that are ready to plug straight into your campaign. These are populated by 60 non-playable characters with their own fully illustrated cards and backstories, three books of plot hooks, unique minigames to give each pub its own flavor, miniatures, and maps. Although they're primarily built with the best Dungeons and Dragons books in mind, this project can also apparently be adapted for many of the best tabletop RPGs

If you want a better idea of what to expect, two Epic Encounters packs are discounted at the moment - Halls of the Orc King has dropped down by 26% to $36.20 at Amazon (was $49.95), while Hive of the Ghoul Kin has fallen by 9% to $49.95 via Amazon. They should give you a good feel for how Local Legends will end up. Or a taste of it, at least; while we've not had a chance to go hands-on with this Kickstarter yet, Steamforged's work on Epic Encounters gives us a lot of confidence in the idea. Especially because there are so many extra world-building details, like those interactive pub games, to make your locations stand out.

Epic Encounters: Local Legends artwork

(Image credit: Steamforged Games)

Speaking of which, the taverns included within the Kickstarter include traditional pub The Nodding Dragon (which has an owlbear problem), an upturned galleon haunted by ghost pirates, a gambling den where a wraith steals life essence rather than money from patrons, and a waypoint full of floating furniture built on magical ley lines.

Steamforged CCO Mat Hart said that the team wanted to "take what Epic Encounters does for monsters, and apply it to those classic fantasy locations - and the tavern was the obvious first choice". This strongly suggests that more supplements for D&D locations are in the works.

Until then, the Kickstarter for Epic Encounters: Local Legends will run until the end of next week. Pledges range from digital-only to an all-in pack with everything for a $150 MRSP discount. Estimated delivery is Fall 2023.

Epic Encounters: Halls of the Orc King | $49.95$36.20 at AmazonSave 26% -

Epic Encounters: Halls of the Orc King | $49.95 $36.20 at Amazon
Save 26% - This adventure should give you a taste of what to expect from Local Legends; it tasks players with battling a horde of ice-dwelling, polar bear-riding orcs. Featuring a full map, a pre-written scenario with characterful monsters, and multiple miniatures, it's a full session in a box.

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