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Cyberpunk 2077 Relic Points form an all-new skill tree system in Phantom Liberty. While the 2.0 update revamped existing perks and skills systems, you'll need the Phantom Liberty expansion to utilise Relic Points, as they're introduced to you at the start of the DLC when you meet Songbird for the first time.

Relic Points in Phantom Liberty aren't essential, but they do enhance your abilities as a netrunner beyond what the usual Cyberpunk 2077 builds can offer. Here's everything you need to know about Relic Points and the skill tree.

Cyberpunk 2077 Relic Points explained

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Relic Points are used for the Relic perk tree that is separate from the other mechanics in the base game. Songbird unlocks the Relic perk tree and three Relic Points shortly after you meet her at the Dogtown gate.

There are a total of nine perks to unlock via this tree, split into three categories: Jailbreak, Emergency Cloaking, and Vulnerability Analytics. The first perk in each branch costs three points, with consecutive perks costing one. Here are all of the available perks in the Relic perk tree and what they do:

Phantom Liberty Jailbreak Relic skills

Jailbreak Relic skills unlock new abilities for arm cyberware including Mantis Blades, Gorilla Arms, Monowire, Projectile Launch System: 

  • Spatial Mapping: Leap attacks with Mantis Blades cripple enemies and increase dismemberment chance for 10 seconds.
  • Limiter Removal: The shockwave from a charged Gorilla Arms attack knocks down all enemies within range.
  • Launch Capacity Override: +1 charge for the Projectile Launch System.
  • Data Tunneling: Enemies affected by Monowire-uploaded quickhacks and are then hit with a normal Monowire attack will spread the initial quickhack to other enemies hit by the attack.

Phantom Liberty Emergency Cloaking Relic skills

Emergency Cloaking Relic skills lets you activate Optical Camo during combat, which causes enemies to lose track of you.

  • Sensory Protocol: When crouched, if an enemy detects you, time is slowed so you can dodge or dash out of combat.

Phantom LIberty Vulnerability Analytics Relic skills

During combat, Vulnerability Analytics Relic skills can detect vulnerabilities in enemy armor and cyberware. Hitting vulnerabilities gives 100% chance of a crit, +25% armor penetration, and weakspot damage bonuses. It can also cause the vulnerability to explode if you deal enough damage, generating a 3m EMP blast.

  • Machine Learning: Destroying an enemy's vulnerability grants +10% frequency of new vulnerabilities appearing and +5% crit damage against vulnerabilities. It can stack five times and the effects are doubled if you reach the maximum stack.

Our recommendations for the best Relic perks to invest your points in would be based on your style of play. The Jailbreak tree has the most options, but if you don't use the arm cyberware much, you're better off going for one of the other two branches. Emergency Cloaking is ideal if you like to play stealthily - a huge bonus for lots of missions in Phantom Liberty - whereas Vulnerability Analytics is better for players who like to engage in firefights. 

How to get more Relic Points in Phantom Liberty

phantom liberty How to get more Relic Points

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Relic Points are acquired by finding Militech Data Terminals, scattered throughout Dogtown. They can be identified by the Relic icon on your map - a stylised blue 'R' - and will show up when you're nearby, much like Tarot Cards do. You'll also be able to hear them if you're close enough, as they emit a high-pitched beep every second or two. Approach the yellow terminal and you'll be able to download operational data, granting you a single Relic Point. 

As mentioned, Songbird also provides three Relic Points right off the bat when she unlocks the Relic powers outside Dogtown, but you'll also get another three Relic Points from Songbird roughly halfway through the Phantom Liberty story. That's six Relic Points just for playing Phantom Liberty.

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