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Cyber Monday PS4 deals 2020 - cheap games, headsets, hard drives, and accessories

cyber monday ps4 deals
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The Cyber Monday PS4 deals are still going strong even with the day itself nearly done. While we're hunting for the best PS4 deals we can find, we're also keeping you up to date with the stock situation for PS5 (spoiler: it's very hard, but not impossible, to find one). The main reason we're here is, of course, finding you the absolute best Cyber Monday PS4 deals on games, accessories, hardware, and more.

There are plenty of the best PS4 games on sale right now, meaning you can get some truly incredible experiences for really very little money thanks to all these Cyber Monday gaming deals - and remember these can easily transfer over to your PS5 too.

There's never been a better time to be a PS4 owner. The lineup of games available is truly fantastic and it shows no signs of slowing down either. It's worth pausing for a second to say that, if you're here for PS5 deals or if you're looking for PS5 Cyber Monday deals, you've come through to the wrong place. Here's where we're celebrating the best Cyber Monday PS4 deals – from the games, to the best PS4 headsets, best PS4 SSD, the best PS4 external hard drives, and more.

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Cyber Monday deals

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We're expecting to see far more Black Friday deals and discounts applied to everything this year – from the DualShock 4 controller to the games themselves, and there will be a few more Cyber Monday deals next week too. We are going to keep this page updated throughout the coming days to keep you apprised of the latest and greatest Black Friday PS4 deals, so be sure to bookmark it and come back when you can. 

Oh, and don't forget to check out our guides to all the Black Friday gaming deals, with the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals, and the best Black Friday gaming PC deals too, just in case you're looking for something a little different.

PS5 retailers

Unsure about whether you should upgrade? It's definitely worth keeping the PS5 in mind this winter, although it's worth pointing out that stock is going to be tight. Finding deals on PS5 will be tough, which is why it might be a good idea to stick with the PS4 for the time being. If you're hell-bent on getting a PS5, here are some of the retailers that we're tracking. 

US deals

UK deals

Cyber Monday PS4 deals - consoles

Black Friday PS4 deals

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Black Friday proper has now arrived, and we're seeing that PS4 console stock is already proving to be very difficult to come by. Outside of GameStop and Best Buy, very few retailers have them in. We will of course keep this updated, and below you will find what in-stock offers we have been able to round up.

PS4 Pro 1TB | $374.99 at Newegg

PS4 Pro 1TB | $374.99 at Newegg
Listen, I'm not saying that this is an amazing deal, but PS4 Pro consoles are proving as difficult to get as the PS5. So if you're desperately after a PS4 Pro, this one still comes in at just below sticker price even with shipping.

£429.99 at Amazon UK

PS4 Pro 1TB | £499.99 £429.99 at Amazon UK
If you absolutely, must buy a new PS4 at this point then this is probably the best you're going to do, unless you look into pre-owned options. Locating PS4 Pro stock really is almost as rare as finding a PS5 at the moment. Plus this has some bundle options available with a bunch of excellent games.

Cyber Monday PS4 deals - games

Cyber Monday PS4 games deals (US)

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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If you can count on anything during the Black Friday PS4 deals, it's game discounts. The console now has over six years of great titles under its belt, and many have come down in price now that next-gen is finally here. With that in mind, we've rounded up the ones to look out for here. This includes everything from Assassin's Creed Valhalla to Star Wars: Squadrons, not to mention pre-orders for upcoming games like Cyberpunk 2077.

Because our price-matching software is updated every 30 minutes, be sure to bookmark this page and pop back every now and then to see what offers are available.

The Last of Us Part II (PS4) | $60

The Last of Us Part II (PS4) | $60 $29.99 at Amazon US
This sequel was comfortably one of the year's most highly anticipated games, and you know what? It didn't disappoint in the slightest. Part 2 of The Last of Us went down a storm with both critics and fans, earning glowing reviews across the board. We'd definitely recommend picking it up now that it's half price - $30 is absurd value.

Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) | $60

Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) | $60 $39.99 at Amazon US
This open-world samurai adventure is one you can totally lose yourself in, which might be exactly what we need after this year. Because Ghost only came out a few months ago, seeing it tumble in price to $40 for the Black Friday PS4 deals is an absolute steal. Seriously, don't let this one slip through your fingers.

Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4) | $60

Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4) | $60 $49.94 at Amazon US
With Cyberpunk being one of the most highly-anticipated games of the entire year, that $10 discount is red hot and much too good to pass up. Pre-order it now and save some money along the way! Plus, you'll get a free upgrade to PS5 sometime early next year if you decide to hit next-gen. Lovely.

Marvel's Avengers (PS4) | $60

Marvel's Avengers (PS4) | $60 $26.99 at Amazon US
Avengers, Assemble... for a very good deal. This live-service game has a surprisingly great story, and you can experience it for yourself for a mighty 55% less. That's a reduction of $33 overall, leaving you enough to grab another game on this list. Marvellous.

Watch Dogs Legion (PS4) | $60

Watch Dogs Legion (PS4) | $60 $29.99 at Amazon US
What other game franchise would put you in command of a cyber-hacking grandma? Watch Dogs Legion takes the franchise to London, and it tasks players with rounding up a team fighting for freedom in an oppressive police state. The big hook is the fact that you can technically recruit and play as anyone.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla (PS4) | $60

Assassin's Creed Valhalla (PS4) | $60 $49.88 at Amazon US
Loot and pillage your way through Viking-era Britain with the latest Assassin's Creed game, and get $10 off for your trouble. Because the game has literally only just come out, that's a tremendous offer. In addition, the game itself is fantastic - it's well worth $49.

God of War (PS4) | $20

God of War (PS4) | $20 $9.99 at Amazon US
If you're new to PS4 or somehow missed this one, you can correct that now for a ridiculously low price - God of War was one of the very best games of this generation, and it's now just $10. Considering how gosh-darn excellent it is, that's a bargain. 

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4) | $49.86 at Amazon US

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4) | $49.86 at Amazon US
Following on from the original 2018 Spider-Man game, it picks up with Miles Morales a few months later as he tries to get to grips with his new powers. This flagship game may have been advertised heavily for PS5, but it's also available on PS4. That allows gamers to finish the new story on last-gen if they'd prefer. 

Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS4) | $59.99 at Amazon US

Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS4) | $59.99 at Amazon US
Although it's dropped the LittleBigPlanet name, this is still the same Sackboy you've come to know and love over the last decade - and now he's made the leap to a solo platforming adventure. This one's a cheerful delight, and it's perfect for both grown-ups and kids. The ideal game to play together with your loved ones. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (PS4) | $59.99 at Best Buy

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (PS4) | $59.99 at Best Buy
Call of Duty screams back onto the stage with the latest entry in their Black Ops series, and it's a doozy. Reviews have been pretty positive so far about the franchise's return to the past, making it the shooter to watch this Holiday season. We'll keep you updated as soon as it drops in price.


Persona 5 Royal | $59.99 $19.99 at Best Buy
One of the best JRPGs of the PS4 generation is made even bigger and better with Persona 5 Royal, which adds new characters, a new story arch, new grappling hook mechanics, and more to the original game. Get it here at a fraction of its normal price.

FIFA 21 |  $59.99

FIFA 21 | $59.99 $27.99 at Best Buy
EA's football sim gets an updated career mode, improved Volta mode, as well as an expanded Ultimate Team mode that allows you to customise your own Stadium. Add on a free PS5 upgrade and it's a no-brainer for football fans.

Madden NFL 21 |  $59.99

Madden NFL 21 | $59.99 $28 at Walmart
American Football fans should be practicing their touchdown celebrations with this one. Not only do you get the latest Madden at it's cheapest price yet, you also snag a free PS5 upgrade with it to boot.

Star Wars Squadrons | $39.99

Star Wars Squadrons | $39.99 $25 at Walmart
Take to the stars in one of 8 Rebel and Imperial ships in this fantastic dog-fighting sim. Whether you tackle the campaign or multiplayer modes, the game supports flight sticks and PS VR, making it a treat for Star Wars and flight fans alike. With 15 bucks off, this is a steal.

Days Gone |  $25.99

Days Gone | $25.99 $19.99 at Amazon
Days Gone is a brand new IP from Sony, dropping you into a sprawling open world full of zombies and biker gangs. It's a lot of fun and, better yet, it's now available for just $19.99 at Amazon. Grab it while you can. 

Borderlands 3 |  

Borderlands 3 | $29.99 $9.99 at Best Buy
This price is ridiculous. Borderlands 3 is one of the best co-op first-person shooters of the last few years and, at this price, you should easily be able to convince a few of your friends to come along for the ride. Great game, great price – what are you waiting for?

Mortal Kombat 11 |  $19.99

Mortal Kombat 11 | $19.99 $12.99 at Best Buy
Mortal Kombat 11 is one of the best selling, most fun, and utterly ridiculous fighting games of the generation. This Black Friday deal at Best Buy is a steal, you'll be getting a hell of a lot of good times out of just $12.99. 

Cyber Monday PS4 games deals (UK)


FIFA 21 | £48.00 £32.99 at Amazon
If you're yet to pick up the latest footballing title from EA Sports, you can get it for £15 off at Amazon. This comes with a free upgrade to PS5 when you eventually pick up the new console too. Cheers EA!

Mafia: Definitive Edition | £29.99

Mafia: Definitive Edition | £29.99 £20.99 at Argos
This absolute classic got remastered earlier this year and boy is it an impressive dose of nostalgia. Mafia: Definitive Edition still stands on its own as a cracking game in 2020, and you can get it for just £20? It's a wonder this hasn't sold out yet.


The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition | £16.39 £13.99 at Argos
If you somehow haven't played The Witcher 3, or want to get in on all its DLC, this GOTY edition is a bargain right now. Still one of the greatest games of all time for a seriously cheap price.

NBA 2K21 | £51.99

NBA 2K21 | £51.99 £26.99 at Amazon
Half price deal on the latest NBA title that comes highly rated. This version also has the Amazon-exclusive DLC, which gives you a MyTEAM Promo Pack, six skill boosts, and three Gatorade boosts.

Marvel's Avengers with Iron Man comic | £49.99

Marvel's Avengers with Iron Man comic | £49.99 £26.99 at Amazon
Marvel's Avengers only launched a few months ago and is a destruction-filled frenzy, introducing Ms. Marvel – AKA Kamala Khan – to the group for the first time on screen. You can pick it up here for almost half-price, which is a no-brainer if you're a Marvel fan.

Doom Eternal | £19.99

Doom Eternal | £19.99 £17.99 at Argos
A ridiculously brutal and bloody fun romp in the Doom style which sees you slaying demons in hellish environments with a cracking soundtrack to get the adrenaline pumping. 

Assassin's Creed Odyssey | £22

Assassin's Creed Odyssey | £22 £17.99 at Argos
One of the best Assassin's Creed games for under £20? You can't really go wrong here because Odyssey is a gargantuan game, which sees you explore ancient Egypt, taking in all the wonders and mysteries it has to offer.


Control Ultimate Edition | £34.99 £24.99 at Amazon
A brilliant game, complete with all the DLC, Control is a true mind-bender which gets truly spooky at times. Well worth £25, especially with the absolutely excellent DLC expansions.

Cyber Monday PS4 deals - HDDs

Black Friday PS4 deals

(Image credit: WD)

Cyber Monday PS4 HDD deals - US

Need some extra storage space for your console? You can boost your system's memory with one of the best PS4 external hard drives. And if you want something a little faster, you can always opt for a PS4 SSD instead.

WD My Passport 1TB SSD | $200

WD My Passport 1TB SSD | $200 $139.99 at Amazon
SSDs are leading the way in terms of speed and reliability when it comes to storage, and thanks to devices like the Western Digital My Passport they're now becoming much more affordable too. There's currently a third off the price of this 1TB model, or you can make a similar saving on the 2TB version for $239.99.

WD 2TB Game Drive | $89.99

WD 2TB Game Drive | $89.99 $69.99 at Best Buy
If you want to expand your storage on PS4, look no further than this excellent external USB 3.0 portable hard drive. With a $20 discount, it's a steal!

WD 4TB Game Drive for PS4 | $129.99

WD 4TB Game Drive for PS4 | $129.99 $92.99 at Best Buy
If you want to expand your storage on PS4, but you don't think 2TB will cut it, then you'll want to get on this external USB 3.0 portable hard drive with 4TB. it's got almost 40 bucks off too; an absolute steal.

Seagate Backup Plus Hub 6TB HDD | $170

Seagate Backup Plus Hub 6TB HDD | $170 $104.99 at Amazon
As a backup or expansion drive, the Seagate Backup Plus Hub offers a substantial 6TB of storage for a very reasonable price. However, the main selling point is the additional two front-facing USB 3.0 ports, allowing you to transfer files from other devices, charge your phone, and even charge gaming controllers.

Seagate Expansion Desktop 8TB HDD | $162

Seagate Expansion Desktop 8TB HDD | $162 $124.99 at Newegg
This Seagate Expansion Desktop provides a huge 8TB of additional storage and is also the maximum size you can add to your PlayStation. It does need its own power supply to operate, but you can't beat that price for so much extra space.

Cyber Monday PS4 HDD deals - UK


Crucial X8 1TB SSD | £154 £95.99 at Amazon
SSDs are the future of storage thanks to their speed and reliability, with the Crucial X8 external solid state drive making it much more affordable too. It's rare to find a 1TB external SSD for under a hundred pounds, so this is definitely a deal to consider.


WD Black P10 4TB HDD | £130 £92.99 at Amazon
Western Digital know their stuff when it comes to HDDs, and the Black P10 is a portable game drive targeted at consoles and PCs. Not only does the 4TB capacity allow potentially hundreds of games to be installed, but the durable metal casing means you can port it around between locations without fear of damaging the drive.

Cyber Monday PS4 deals - controllers

Black Friday PS4 deals

(Image credit: Future)

Want to get the best PS4 controllers for less? We've got you covered. More than a few discounts are sure to appear during the Black Friday PS4 deals, and they'll be listed below as soon as they do. Alternatively, you can check in with our guide to cheap PS4 controller sales.

Cyber Monday PS4 deals - headsets

Black Friday PS4 deals

(Image credit: Sennheiser)

Want to supercharge your PlayStation experience? Get one of the best PS4 headsets. There are plenty to choose from, and we're confident more than a few will see reductions during the Black Friday PS4 deals. Any discounts will appear below, so keep checking in for a chance to save money.

HyperX Cloud II | $100

HyperX Cloud II | $100 $79 at Amazon US
The Cloud II is a great headset for those in the safely-under $100 price bracket right now. It's a solid headset coming in at a pretty attractive price point. 

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition in Green | $100

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition in Green | $100 $54.99 at Amazon US
This has been one of our absolute favorite gaming headsets for the main consoles in the last couple of years. It's a capable and confident headset, and it'll help transform the way that you play on PS4.

Razer Kraken|  $80

Razer Kraken| $80 $69 at Amazon US 
A fantastic Razer headset that seemlessly works across PS4 and PS5 when you come to upgrade. 


HyperX Cloud Stinger | $50 $39.99 at Amazon US
An affordable but great quality headset that's compatible with multiple platforms. 

Astro A50 | £250

Astro A50 | £250 £199.99 at Amazon UK
This is literally one of the best in the business right now for PS4. The latest iteration of the Astro A50 headset oozes audio excellence, a great feature set and excellent design and build quality. It's still a big investment but this price is absolutely worth it right now.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 (PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC) |  £105

SteelSeries Arctis 1 (PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC) | £105 £99.99 at Amazon UK
Comfortable and with brilliant audio, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 has always been a superb headset. And now it's doing it all for less. 

SteelSeries Arctis 7 (PS4, PC) |  £134

SteelSeries Arctis 7 (PS4, PC) | £134 £99.99 at Amazon UK
Another SteelSeries headset offer, but this one is wireless. Fantastic deal this one.


Razer Kraken (Black) | £80 £49.98 at Amazon UK
The go-to Razer headset if you're ever in doubt of which one to get. This will serve you extraordinarily well whatever your platform, and at this price is a total bargain.

Cyber Monday PS4 deals - PlayStation Plus

Black Friday PS4 deals

(Image credit: Sony)

If there's an essential PlayStation accessory, it's PS Plus. This allows you to play multiplayer games online, and it gets you a couple of free games each month. PlayStation Plus memberships will probably get a price cut during the Black Friday PS4 deals, so keep an eye out.

PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership | $60

PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership | $60 $44.99 at Amazon US
And here it is, 25% off a one year PlayStation Plus subscription delivered as a digital code, so you can get up and running (or extend your existing membership) straight away. With the incredible selection of PS Plus collection games included, you can't go wrong here.

PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership | £50

PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership | £50 £37.49 at Amazon UK
The same great PlayStation Plus deal is available in the UK, with 25% off a year's coverage arriving as a digital code for instant redemption to start or extend your subscription - remember these 12 months stacks on the end of a current membership, so you can stock up even if you're not due to renew.

Cyber Monday PS4 deals - PlayStation VR

Black Friday PS4 deals

(Image credit: Sony)

VR is undoubtedly one of the coolest additions to gaming for some time, and PlayStation seems to be doubling down on that technology moving forward. If you'd like to experience it for yourself, the Black Friday PS4 deals offer the perfect opportunity to get a PlayStation VR bundle.

PlayStation VR Iron Man Bundle | $349.99 at Amazon US

PlayStation VR Iron Man Bundle | $349.99 at Amazon US
PSVR stock is getting increasingly difficult to come by these days, which is why you should take advantage of this great bundle, as it includes a PSVR headset, a PS Camera, two Move controllers and the Iron Man VR game.

PlayStation VR Mega Pack | £299.99 at Amazon UK

PlayStation VR Mega Pack | £299.99 at Amazon UK
Sony has fully captured the golden age of PlayStation VR in this one bundle, which includes everything you need to play (aside from a console) and five games. This is the latest version of the mega pack, and it's worth every pound.

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