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Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals: what to expect in 2021

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals
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It's easy to forget that Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals can still offer some incredible discounts once the excitement of the Friday before has come to an end. Retailers often keep their offers running all weekend long, switching over to Cyber Monday from late on Sunday onwards. With new products added to sales and additional discounts on popular accessories, Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals are well worth sticking around for. 

Of course, the best Nintendo Switch bundles are likely to be out of stock by the time Monday, November 29 rolls around. These are some of the most popular offers of the weekend itself, and usually fly off the shelves even before Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals fully kick off. That means we would be surprised to see further savings on Cyber Monday. 

However, if you've already snagged yourself a console in the weekend's sales, Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals can still help you pad out your early collection. We often see some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories lining the shelves as late as Tuesday, still offering excellent discounts on cheap Nintendo Switch controllers and more.

We're rounding up all our expectations for this year's offers right here, but stay tuned because we'll be bringing you all the best deals as soon as they land as well. 

When will Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals start?

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals traditionally begin on the Monday after Black Friday - this year falling on November 29. However, retailers often simply continue running the same Black Friday discounts into Cyber Monday, potentially adding a few new models or dropping prices on unpopular devices even further. 

The two sales tend to merge into one another, then. However, if a store is running a distinctly separate sale, we do generally see messaging on their sites changing from midday on the Sunday before. 

Where will the best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals be?

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals: what to expect

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals are uniquely positioned in 2021. We'll have three models on the shelves by the time November rolls around, all at different ages. Considering we've already seen some significant discounts hitting the Nintendo Switch Lite throughout the year, it's likely the biggest discounts will hit the cheaper models. 

Not only that, but the standard Nintendo Switch has also taken a permanent price cut in the UK - all the way down to £259. That means we're expecting bundles to fall in line with this new price pretty soon, offering up package prices of between £259 and £289 in this year's Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals. 

While the new OLED model isn't quite set to replace the original on the shelves, it's appearance in the line up has already affected sales prices on the standard device in the UK and Europe, and may well do so in the US as well. 

At just $40 / £40 more expensive, the OLED model will become the better value option, and retailers will have to bring the price of the previous generation down to ensure it's still viable on the shelves.

That likely means big things for Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch bundle deals. While previous years have only enjoyed one or two bundles over the course of Black Friday, running quickly out of stock before the weekend, it's likely that we'll see far more offers holding out for longer in 2021. The main console now has two other devices to compete with, which means far smaller crowds flocking to offers and a wider selection of bundles to choose from. 

Of course, we're also looking forward to plenty of savings on the best Nintendo Switch headsets and cheap Nintendo Switch game sales. These discounts should last all the way through to Cyber Monday as well.

Today's best deals

If you can't wait until November for your Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals, it's worth noting that there are usually plenty of discounts on games and accessories floating around throughout the year. You'll find all the latest prices on this gear just below.

We do expect this year's Cyber Monday offers to be better than the everyday prices you'll find on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles right now. However, if you're after some Joy-Con action today, you'll find the latest offers below as well.

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Last year's best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals in the UK

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