CS2 beta hopefuls are idling in CS:GO to boost their chances of getting an invite

Counter-Strike 2
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Counter Strike fans are going idle in CS:GO to boost their chances of accessing the CS2 beta. 

If you've been out of the loop, Valve has announced Counter Strike 2 alongside a pretty limited beta in its accessibility. As the developer explains in a blog post on Steam, players are selected based on several factors, though some of the main ones include "recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, and Steam account standing."

There's not too much fans can do about the latter two in a pinch, but you can certainly rack up more CS:GO hours in a hurry. As flagged by Counter Strike caster Phy on Twitter, fans are already going AFK in Deathmatch servers to boost their playtime. We're not sure how that'll help their trust factor, but hey.

Now, seeing players go AFK in CS:GO is nothing new. As other players flag, people do it all the time to farm cases - there's been an uptick following a recent Revolution case. Phy does note, though, that many players he came across were real and not bots. Other players in the thread also say they're more than happy to cut corners to access the beta.

General access to the beta has swiftly become a talking point in the community. CS:GO came out in 2012, so fans throwing memes on social media to joke about missing out on a colossal event is to be expected, though some questions have been raised over some community's loyal stalwarts missing out. It's a rapidly changing situation with some gaining access as things progress, but the debate is a popular sight.

In better news, Counter Strike 2 is due to release this Summer. A more accessible beta is yet to be revealed, though we'd be surprised not to see one.

Here's how to access the Counter Strike 2 Limited Test without going idle.

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