Crysis 2 Achievement & Trophy guide

There are some achievements and trophies that are fun and challenging to get and some that are…well, the exact opposite. Crysis 2 has both. We'll help you find them all and hopefullybring some additional sprinkles of virtual joy into your life. The others, namely the “wait for 6 months before you can get it” ones, can just go to hell.

So with that unpleasantness out of the way, we’ve put together some videos to show you how to get some of the more tricky achievements/trophies in the game. Hopefully you’ll have them all by the time September rolls around to finish them off. Enjoy!

Band of Brothers

15 Points
Bronze Trophy

Keep all marines alive during the rescue in Semper Fi or Die

During the first part of the Mission Semper Fi or Die, you will have three Marines with you that you need to keep alive. At the start of the mission, simply stay well ahead of them and take out the enemies you see appear.The Marines can usually hold their own, but if you hear someone call out that one is down or they are bleeding out, you will need to retry.Once you enter the gate at the far end of the area, you will receive this.

Blast Radius

15 Points
Bronze Trophy

Single Player: Kill at least 3 enemies with a single grenade

There are plenty of places to get this, but near the beginning when you first encounter a “nest” is the easiest. Simply toss a grenade down the hallway when there are three of the ticks scurrying about.The grenades are powerful enough to get them all even at a good distance.

Can It Run Crysis?

10 Points
Bronze Trophy

Complete In at the Deep End

Story related.You will receive this near the beginning of the game after the first introduction.

City That Never Sleeps

25 Points
Silver Trophy

Complete 6 levels on Veteran difficulty

If you are playing on Veteran difficulty, you might as well be playing on Super Soldier and go for the big points.

Close Encounters

15 Points
Bronze Trophy

Single Player: Stealth kill 25 enemies

To stealth kill enemies, you need to get up behind them and wait for the “press R3” prompt to take the enemy down. Shooting them in the head with silenced weapons does not count towards this.

Crossroads of the World

25 Points
Bronze Trophy

Complete the evacuation at Times Square

Story related. During chapter 15, after a standoff against another Pinger in Times Square, you will get this on the way out.

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