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Crysis 2 Achievement & Trophy guide

Men of Destiny

45 Points
Silver Trophy

Complete the single player campaign on Veteran difficulty

If you are playing on Veteran difficulty, you might as well be playing on Super Soldier and go for the big points.

Modern Art

5 Points
Bronze Trophy

Unlock 150 Dog Tag displays

In multiplayer mode, you have the ability to unlock dogtags to use as your own. You start with 64 that are already unlocked and you have three more screens full that can also be unlocked.Unlock 150 of these for your measly 5 points or Bronze trophy.

More than Human

15 Points
Bronze Trophy

Assimilate alien tissue at the crash site

Story related.You will pick this up after you collect the samples during the 3rd mission, “Sudden Impact.”


10 Points
Bronze Trophy

Multiplayer: Play a full game on every map.

Play and complete a match on each of these maps to fulfill the requirement.

City Hall
Downed Bird
Evac Zone
Parking Deck
Pier 17
Wall Street

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

20 Points
Bronze Trophy

Assist the Marines in Madison Square

Story related. Received during chapter 10, Semper Fi or Die.


Platinum Trophy

Earn all available trophies for Crysis 2

Scoop up all the available trophies for Crysis 2 and this rare gem is all yours. Or rather, at least in 6 months it will be.


15 Points
Bronze Trophy

Single Player: Kill 20 enemies with the Microwave cannon

During a few times in the single player campaign, you will come across the X-43 gun. One is during Dark Heart while in the Subway tunnel where a bunch of Ticks are around.Another is during Masks Off, after you talk to Hargreave. Look in the chamber that opens and there will be a cabinet on the right that houses one.Another is at the start of Out of the Ashes. It is available before you hop on the truck for a ride.Finally there is one in the large container in the mission “A Walk in the Park” where you find the final NY souvenir collectible.When you have the weapon, Hold fire to cook the enemies from the inside out and make them pop.Do this to 20 of them and you’ll get the achievement/trophy along with 20 giggles.

Speeding Ticket

10 Points
Bronze Trophy

Break the speed limit in front of 10 speed cameras

There are numerous parts throughout the campaign where there are cameras set up along the side of the road.Zip past them, running or in a vehicle and a bright flash will go off and a notice that you received a ticket. The video will show you the location of ten of them.

Start Spreading the News

35 Points
Silver Trophy

Finish the single player campaign on any difficulty

Unless you are going for Veteran or Super soldier achievements, then Recruit- the easiest setting will nab you this instead of playing on the harder Soldier difficulty.

Stealth Assassin

15 Points
Bronze Trophy

Re-route the power in Eye of the Storm without being detected

When you reach the small island in the mission “Eye of the Storm,” immediately stealth and head towards the building at the far end. You will need to get through 4 sections – 2 outdoor, 2 indoor- without being detected. You will come to a few places where the enemies are a little too close for comfort, but remain stealthy and move quickly to avoid detection.Once you reach the switch, flip it for the reward.


65 Points
Gold Trophy

Complete the single player campaign on Supersoldier

The tough of the tough. The easiest way is to play through on either Recruit or Soldier first so that you can upgrade your suit to its max.The upgrades carry over through playthroughs so the Supersoldier playthrough will allow you to use those upgrades.

Team Player

10 Points
Bronze Trophy

Be in a squad of at least 3 people and play a full game

For this you need to have a party of at least three people to see a match all the way to its end.Call up some friends, or strangers if you need to, but get them in the game to help you with this. By the way, achievements/trophies that have you rely on other people also suck.Just saying.

Theseus at Last

25 Points
Bronze Trophy

Locate Jacob Hargreave

Story related. During the 17th chapter, Masks Off, you will walk into Hargreave’s museum of an office and this will pop as you walk through.