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Crazy Taxi has a new sequel! See it compared to the original

Crazy Taxi is getting another sequel? Sure is! I was as surprised as you when I was invited to play the game, especially when it turned out it is an iOS/Android only game. Touch-screen lane-changing sounds dull and not like authentic Crazy Taxi at all, but once you learn that Kenji Kanno (creator of the original game's concept) has been involved in its creation, you might feel more excited. The reality is that although it's been designed for touchscreen devices, it is very much a Crazy Taxi game.

I was allowed to capture footage of the game at the event, so I've mixed it with footage of the original Crazy Taxi (the 360 HD version in this instance), to show you why it's still a Crazy Taxi game at heart.

There will be four areas of the city to explore in the final game, which is due to be soft-released (read: tested) in Canada this summer, with a worldwide release to follow once it's been properly balanced. And it will be free to play, although the team (Hardlight Studios who made Sonic Jump and Sonic Dash) has been careful to ensure you don't have to pay to win. In fact, you can buy play-time and car upgrades just using in-game money. Sounds good to me.

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