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    Submitted by Anonymous

Crash Bandicoot Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by Jeremy Brown (

    Super Password

    Enter the following sequence at the password screen to access all 32 levels,all gems,and both keys.

    Triangle,Triangle,Triangle,Triangle,X,Square, Triangle,Triangle,Triangle,Triangle,Square,X,
    Triangle,Circle,Triangle,Triangle,Triangle, Circle,Square,Triangle,X,X,X,X

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Jungle Rollers 2% Complete o s o s o o t s ý"

    The Great Gate 6% Complete o x s t o s s t ý"

    Boss1 Papu Papu 11% Complete s s x s s t x t ý"

    Rolling Stones 13% Complete x s x o x s t x ý"

    Native Fortress 18% Complete s s t x o o x t ý"

    Boss2 Ripper Roo 22% Complete o s s o o x x x ý"

    Temple Ruins 27% Complete x o x o o x s o ý"

    Boss3 Koala King 36% Complete x o o o x s x s ý"

    Heavy Machinery 38% Complete s s x t x s o x ý"

    Generator Room 43% Complete s x o x o x s s ý"

    Boss4 Pinstripe 47% Complete s x o s t x o o ý"

    Slippery Climb 52% Complete o s s x t s s t ý"

    Castle Machinery 59% Complete o x x o s o s s ý"

    The Lab 63% Complete o s o s s x s x ý"

    *t=triangle* *s=square

  • PS1 | Submitted by Andrea Moenter

    Native Fortress Shortcut

    On the Native Fortress level, you'll go through a few check points, when you get to the one on the very top level, you'll see a turtle with a box above it. Get the box and kill the turtle. Then directly behind that is a leveled off part of the fence. Jump onto the leveled off part and to the opposite side. The just head left. You'll get some apples along the way. If you get stuck, it's only because you're over too far. Simply move towards the fence and continue.
    After a little bit, you'll be stopped and you will see another leveled off part. A fire thing is on the other side, so just jump over and onto it. Then just continue the game normally.