Crash Bandicoot Strategy Guide Be Warned What you are about to read is highly confidential, and if in the wrong hands, a nightmare to the world. Below is a specific strategy guide which will help you beat the game. Not all the level hints are complete, but it does tip you in the right direction. This strategy guide will allow you to find between 95% and 100% of the gems (if you're good enough). Good luck and may the mango be with you! Gems The Gems are the most sought after item in Crash Bandicoot. If you find one, you can consider yourself an avid gamer. However, if you happen to find them all, you will be praised by whoever witnesses this feat, and be hailed among the ranks of Zeus and Icarus as the ultimate gaming God. There are two different kinds of Gems, the white and the multiple colored. White Gems can be considered as the easy to find generic brand. These only come into play at the very end of the game, forming a path to something terrific. The colored Gems are one per color and are used as links to hidden areas that will allow you to find certain boxes on specific levels. Example: Let's say you find the Blue Gem on The High Road level. This Gem will open up other areas in certain levels (such as Cortex Power) where it forms a bridge across a slime pit. Before you find these colored Gems you may see a glimpse of a placement piece which is the same color as the Gem. This means you need that colored Gem to pass a certain feat on the level. Now, begin your hunt. To find one Gem is a task in itself. You must pass a level without dying and destroy every box on the level. Most boxes are easy to reach, although maybe one or two are hidden. If you beat a level without dying, you'll be greeted with either a Gem Screen (if you find all the boxes), or a Box Screen (meaning you've missed one or more). This screen will show you how many boxes you missed by dropping them on Crash's head. Do the level over, until you get a perfect. Bonus Level The Bonus Level is the only point in the game where saves or passwords are available. To find a Bonus Level you'll have to find three strange clown-like icons hidden within a level. Once the third one is picked up, you'll instantly be teleported to the hidden area where certain obstacles must be overcome before a save can be managed. There is also Boss Bonus Icons and Super Bonus World icons. Collecting three Boss Icons brings you to a Bonus Level that doesn't allow you to save, though it does offer many free lives. The Super Bonus Icon acts in the same manner, but it holds a great surprise for those who find its three icons. These icons are spread throughout the land. Three icons, three islands. Hint. Hint. Aku Aku Meet Crash's mighty sidekick. He not only journeys with Crash but also gives him hit points. The hit point meter goes up to two (once two Aku Aku masks are obtained). If you pick up three, Crash will throw on the Aku Aku mask and promenade around with partial invincibility. Look for this mask in boxes, around corners, and sometimes floating in the open. Boxes These are what you're looking for. Seek and destroy! The boxes come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are damaging to your health, others are bonuses that will put a smile on your face. Here's a breakdown of what to look for. Aku Aku Smash one of these and Crash will gain a hit point. 1-Up This box has a picture of Crash on it. Open it and add the 1-Up to your arsenal. Exclamation This box will trigger all the clear silhouette boxes you see. Breakable Arrow Jump on this to reach new heights. Question Mark What's inside is a mystery...? Unlabeled These boxes always contain one mango. Unlabeled With Stripes These boxes always contain ten mangos. Must be jumped on or bumped from the bottom to access this delicious fruit. Dynamite Ouch. These hurt Crash. Nonetheless, they come in handy for destroying multiple boxes while on the run. (Island 1 ) This island acts as both an introductory course for the gamer and an essential base for Gem collecting. Learn how to move and pick up the accessible Gems before you proceed to Island 2. LEVEL 1 -- Sanity Beach (White Gem) Hint: The only trouble on this level will probably occur at the exclamation switch. The consecutive box jump is difficult but can easily be conquered by timing the jumps. Watch Crash's shadow to see where you are going to land. LEVEL 2-- Jungle Rollers (White Gem -- requires Green Gem) Access to Bonus World 1 Hint: It's impossible to find all the boxes without having the Green Gem accessed (The Lost City - Island 2). The rest of the level is a walk in the park. LEVEL 3-- The Great Gate (White Gem -- requires Yellow Gem) Access to Bonus World 2 Hint 1: Don't bother trying to find all the boxes on this level unless the Yellow Gem is accessed (The Lab -Island 3). Hint 2: When you approach a breakable arrow box that appears to lead nowhere (sky background), jump on it and push towards the background. A hidden 1-up is awaiting your arrival. Do the same on the next breakable arrow box to find the hidden box on this level. LEVEL 4 -- Boulders (White Gem) Hint: Run like a mad dog! Use Crash's spin move to break the boxes on the boulder paths. Don't try to jump on them, you'll die a horrible death. LEVEL 5-- Upstream (White Gem -- requires Gold Gem) Access to Bonus World 3 Hint 1: The first waterfall holds a box with a 1-Up behind it. Carefully jump across the Gold Gem path to find it. The Gold Gem is found in The Generator Room - Island 3. Hint 2: The second Gold Gem path is at the very end of the level. Two boxes are found through this path. Papu Papu (Boss) Dodge Papu Papu's swinging stick attack and jump on his head. Do this procedure three times and he'll be beaten. LEVEL 6-- Rolling Stones (White Gem -- requires Blue Gem) Access to Bonus World 4 Access to Boss Bonus World 1 Hint: Half-way through the level you'll encounter an unstable platform with a rolling rock in front. If you look closely you'll see the Blue Gem (The High Road - Island 3). Jump down the Blue Gem path to uncover the missing level boxes and three extra lives. LEVEL 7 -- Hog Wild (White Gem) Hint: Get on your hog and ride! Utilizing skillful jumps and accurate timing is the only way to be a flawless victor in Hog Wild. LEVEL 8-- Native Fortress (White Gem -- requires Pink Gem) Access to Bonus World 5 Hint 1: Once on the top screen (sky background), locate a ledge with a turtle, a plant and an unmarked box. Jump on the turtle so it flips on its back, exposing the bouncy stomach. Jump on the stomach and break the unmarked box. On the second bounce, flip yourself up to the ledge in the background. Walk on the path to find one of the hidden boxes. Hint 2: As in hint one there are two more "bounce into the background" spots. Both are on the same plain as the first and are accessed by jumping off of a fire ledge. Hint 3: The majority of hidden boxes on this level are hidden in the clouds. The Pink Gem (Slippery Climb - Island 3) needs to be accessed in order to find these. (Island 2 ) Island 2 holds the first key and the first colored Gem. The stages are tough but not unbeatable. LEVEL 9-- Up the Creek (White Gem) Access to Bonus World 6 Hint: Once you've located and accessed the Exclamation Box, trek back across the lily pad path to the waterfall. You'll notice that four lily pads are constructing a path across to the two boxes sitting on the ledge. You can either walk the lily path and collect an extra life, or simply jump from the log towards to the two boxes. Set the timer on the dynamite and use the breakable arrow box to shoot back up to the log. The dynamite will destroy the last boxes for you. Ripper Roo (Boss) The objective here is to detonate the TNT boxes when Ripper Roo is on a nearby square. Memorize his patterns and time your jumps. Hit him three times and he's a goner. LEVEL 10-- The Lost City (Green Gem) Access to Bonus World 7 Access to Boss Bonus World 2 Hint 1: To destroy the first two boxes behind the steel girder at the level entrance you simply must jump from the background ledge. Then, to return to the playing field, jump around the girder. Hint 2: There is an Exclamation box hidden in the fourth cubby hole on this level. To activate it, simply jump on top of the unmarked crate and hit the jump button for a bigger boost. Hint 3: As you start to ascend to the top of this level, look closely to your left. A second Exclamation box is waiting to be activated. Once active six boxes will appear at the beginning of the top part of the level. LEVEL 11-- Temple Ruins (White Gem) Hint 1: When you see a mango dangling off to the left side of a platform, make a gigantic leap into the empty void. You'll land on invisible boxes that will appear as you step on them. Several boxes are located here. Hint 2: The rest of the level should be a cake walk. Be sure to check behind every pillar. LEVEL 12-- Road to Nowhere (White Gem-- requires Red Gem) Access to Bonus World 8 Hint: At one of the checkpoints you'll notice that a Red Gem is near. Jump on it and allow it to take you to a hidden area. The first order of business here is to activate the Exclamation box to the right. Use the box that appears to activate the one to the left. The last feat is to activate the box in the middle. Jump off the box that appears (from activation #2) and land in the middle of the floating metal. Four boxes will appear in the background. Easy taking! LEVEL 13-- Boulder Dash (Key and White Gem-- requires Red Gem) Hint: Find all the boxes to access the Key which will open the Island 2 Bonus level (Whole Hog). Smash all the boxes on Whole Hog to receive the White Gem for Boulder Dash. LEVEL 14-- Sunset Vista (White Gem) Access to Bonus World 9 Access to Boss Bonus World 3 Access to Super Bonus Icon-- Obtaining this icon is fairly self explanatory. Follow the box stairs on the top level and jump onto the moving wall containing the icon. Hint 1: At the top of the level you'll see an Exclamation box that is out of reach. Lure the goon from the right to stand underneath the box. Jump off its back and propeller yourself into the box. The boxes you are looking for are directly behind you in the background. Hint 2: Always look in the background on this level. Boxes are hidden all about. Koala Kong (Boss) Hint1: Dodge the four boulders that Koala Kong throws. The fourth one will roll in front of you. Use your spin attack to send it back for a definite hit. Repeat this process four times to advance to the next stage. (Island 3 ) All but one of the colored Gems are located on this island. If you want to conquer the game thoroughly, you'll need to find all the boxes on each of these difficult levels. LEVEL 15-- Heavy Machinery (White Gem) Access to Bonus World 10 Access to Boss Bonus World 4 Hint: To find the first Boss Icon, locate two steam and two ice pipes right next to each other. To the right should be a pit with two flying spike bots. Drop between them and proceed to the left to receive your prize. Several boxes are also hidden down here. Beating the level should be a breeze. LEVEL 16-- Cortex Power (White Gem-- requires Blue Gem) Hint: Take the path to the right all the way until it ends (be sure to hit the exclamation box). Now backtrack down the stairs to the second fork in the road on this level. Take the left route (you'll see a Checkpoint box) and go up. Collect all the boxes until the next fork in the road (you'll see a breakable arrow box). Now go back to the right (where you just where) and go to the first fork in the road on this level. Go left and take the Blue Gem path even further to the left until you reach a breakable arrow box. This is the final run and a tough one at that. Break all the boxes from here on out and you'll receive your White Gem. LEVEL 17-- Generator Room (Gold Gem) Access to Bonus World 11 Hint: There's only one troublesome area in the Generator Room. At the beginning of the level you'll run into an area where the Exclamation box is needed (you should have already activated it). Time your jumps and make sure you get the boxes on the platform first (don't spend too much time here or the platform will fall). Now go back and take out the boxes on the path. The rest of the boxes are easy to get to. LEVEL 18-- Toxic Waste (White Gem) Access to Bonus World 12 Hint: This level will pull a Bandicoot on you time after time. Basically, all you have to do is run the straight line and hope for the best. Taking two Aku Aku's with you is a good idea Pinstripe (Boss) Beating this guy is fairly easy, you just have to keep your eyes peeled. Hide behind the couch until he jumps off the table. Wait until he stops shooting and spin into him. The only way to dodge his shoots is to hide behind the two couches in the foreground. Duck out and spin in is a great strategy for this smelly mouse. LEVEL 19-- The High Road (Blue Gem) Access to Bonus World 13 Hint: At the beginning of the level, walk back and you will see a floating mango. Jump directly over the mango and two boards will appear to catch your fall. Continue on taking giant leaps towards the screen. You'll eventually get past the ghost boards and land on solid land with four hidden boxes at your disposal. LEVEL 20-- Slippery Climb (Red Gem) Access to Boss Bonus World 5 Hint: Pushing Crash to the limit and making accurate jumps is the only way to solve this level. Patience is the key. LEVEL 21-- Lights Out (Purple Gem and Key #2 -- requires Yellow Gem) Hint 1: Once the Yellow Gem is activated (The Lab - Island 3) you will find a alternative level end. Using this will give you the key to Fumbling in the Dark. Note: The Yellow Gem is placed half-way through the level. Hint 2: Break all the boxes on Fumbling in the Dark and you will receive the Purple Gem for Lights out. LEVEL 22-- Jaws of Darkness (White Gem-- requires Blue Gem) Access to Bonus World Icon 13-- Located in the bottom box in the pillar at the first Checkpoint. Hint: The Blue Gem is located right after the Checkpoint. This is the longest bonus area in the game and careful jumps are a must. LEVEL 23-- Castel Machinery (White Gem -- Needs Green Gem) Hint: The Green Gem will only give you access to twenty-five free lives. This level can be defeated without any gems. None of the boxes are hidden on this level. Nitrus Brio (Boss) Hint: Defeating this mad scientist is an easy task. Dodge all of the red and green beaker bombs. The green ones will turn into moving blobs, jump on their top to send them flying into Nitrus Brio. Once his hit points are down to three, Brio will transform into a repulsive demon. Jump off the platform and whack him in the head. Repeat this process until he collapses. LEVEL 24-- The Lab (Yellow Gem) Hint: All the jumping skills of classic platformers are combined into this fairly perplexing level. Time your jumps and don't be afraid to veer off to the side when you're in trouble. Get to the end of this level without dying and you'll receive the Yellow Gem. LEVEL 25-- The Great Hall (requires all White Gems) Hint: Choose your path. Go straight to the deadly Dr. Neo Cortex; or if you've collected all the White Gems, go for the super bonus! What awaits is a super bonus! LEVEL 26-- Dr. Neo Cortex (Boss) Hint: It's the last battle! Dodge his red and blue attacks and send the green ones back at him! Enjoy the ending!</p>